How to configure static routing on Cisco

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How to configure static routing on Cisco

Technology: Routing
Area: Static routing
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 12.X , 15.X
Platform: ISR, ASR, Catalyst Switches, Most platforms

Setting static routing on Cisco Layer 3 device  is the fastest way to achieve communication in routed IP networks. How to configure static routing to particular network? You must precise this network and point the next hop router which is on the way to reach destination.

How to configure static routing

In our case the destination prefix will be and next hop router has address of Remember that your router needs to know how to reach the next hop and in our case both routers should be directly connected! This is something people often forget configuring static route for the first time.

Specify the static route:

Router(config)#ip route




Take a note that network mask is provided using decimal dotted notation. Also never forget about the routing for returning traffic !! Think like a packet. For better understanding why static routing on Cisco may have serious limitations in your environment read the article about static vs dynamic routing.

Author: Marcin Bialy