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E-Learning Network Course

E-Learning Network Course


Grandmetric E-Learning Network

Observing the network course market, we noticed that people are easily discouraged by the archaic form of the presented content. That is why we are launching an e-learning section of our website that encourages learning new techniques and putting them into practice! We want to use our knowledge gained over many years of work as network specialists and share it with people who want to start their professional adventure in this world. With us you will learn:

  • How to configure routers & switches
  • How wireless systems work
  • How signals are formed
  • How to plan your wireless network
  • How to plan IP addressing within your network
  • How to secure your network
  • How to calculate Wi-Fi AP range

And many, many more.

Absorb knowledge in enjoyable way

Tired of boring courses with authors who read the entire course from slides? Our trainings are distinguished by careful graphic design and thorough translation of the issues discussed – so that you can understand everything!

Merging network with wireless

Our trainings are mixing both worlds of engineering to help you with becoming all-around specialist!

Help & Practice your skills

Our courses are not only theory based! There are also exercises that will be useful to you in your daily work. We will give you the necessary tools that will help you to deal with the tasks that network specialists must face in their work routine.

What others say about us?

Enric Rovira

Technical Leader & Radio System Architect

It is a good initiative to form interesting and focused courses for study. The courses are pragmatic on dedicated technical areas, worth watching by ‘newbies’ as they provide overall concrete view. The courses are also enjoyable for those with more experience as well.

Marcin Berkowicz

Network Administrator

Very interesting training, professionally prepared. The teacher was with solid technical knowledge and, what’s even more important, with experience in implementation of big projects. I sincerely recommend and would happily take part again.

Arkadiusz Karmowski

Network Engineer

The training I attended was conducted in a substantive and reliable manner. The trainer was kind, polite and professionally transferring the knowledge. The whole training turned out to be very helpful and useful.


Nick Bailey

Recruitment Manager – Wireless Systems

Marcin is a very knowledgeable Principal Consultant in Wireless research technologies. He has a great attitude and is helpful, humble and friendly.

What does this E-Learning network course contain?

Over 10 hours of videos explaining the basics of network, wireless, routing, data transmission and many more

70 sessions to guide you through different aspects of network

Quizzes and tasks for you to check your knowledge within individual sessions

Practical examples to show you a real life application of the concepts

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Introduction to Network and Wireless


Introduction to Data Transmission


Routing Fundamentals


Wi-Fi Fundamentals


Wireless Networking Fundamentals