Cisco ISE: 5. Adding NAD to ISE

Design & Configure

Cisco ISE: 5. Adding NAD to ISE

Technology: Network Security
Area: Access and Identity Management
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 2.1
Platform: ISE Virtual Appliance, ISE Physical Appliance


When radius client (switch or wifi controller) wants to talk with radius it needs to be defined as network access device (NAD) on radius server (in our case ISE). Otherwise every authentication try will fail. Before you add NAD to ISE you can define structure of NAD for better organization. You can define Groups and NAD Locations and Types. These attributes can be used while building Authentication (AuthC) and Authorization (AuthZ) rules. To add device:


  • Define Type e.g. Wireless

Adding NAD to ISE - define type


  • Define Location e.g. GrandmetricLabs

Adding NAD - Define locations


  • Define device itself and add it to previously configured groups

adding NAD to ISE - define NAD

Author: Marcin Bialy