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    Wi-Fi Site Survey

    Wi-Fi Site Survey is a comprehensive process of evaluating and planning a wireless network at customer locations. It allows you to maintain or design a stable, interference-free infrastructure that evenly covers every corner of the plot with the signal, and if necessary – also the space outside the buildings.

    During the Wi-Fi Site Survey, at various stages of the project, we will:

    • examine the needs and technical requirements
    • examine how a wireless network copes with the transmission of voice, video, data and applications
    • propose the location and parameters of the devices
    • check the location and number of access points
    • verify the configuration of wireless devices, including channel settings, and radio power and check the characteristics of the antennas
    • prepare a detailed report and a list of recommendations.

    Planning and evaluation of a wireless network

    Wireless planning based on a Wi-Fi Site Survey is a series of measurements and analyses. First, we create a simulation based on the location plan, and then we install and check the network in practice. A professionally prepared heatmap allows you to issue recommendations, select devices, and the network is designed in such a way that it works smoothly and without problems.

    Depending on the size of the site and the state of the network, Site Survey takes 1 to 5 days to evaluate. Each of the stages can be carried out individually or as part of a comprehensive project.

    We use the following network analysis methods:

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    Predictive Site Survey

    Most often carried out remotely. Based on the projection of the location, we place access points and simulate signal coverage. For more difficult objects, such as halls or warehouses, we use advanced Ekahau software.

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    Passive Site Survey

    Based on the created heatmap, we install devices and check the operation of the network in terms of passive parameters such as signal coverage, location of points or power of access points.


    Active Site Survey

    Its purpose is to check the performance of the network and solve any problems. In addition to passive parameters, we collect data, e.g. on network bandwidth, and delays, and if necessary, we also check controller logs or, in the case of interference, we examine the spectrum.

    What does a Site Survey of an existing network look like?

    A common scenario for a Site Survey is upgrading your wireless network. In smaller enterprises, this happens when Wi-Fi devices are no longer able to provide a smooth transmission. Larger clients turn to us to design Wi-Fi in new halls or office buildings.

    What are the steps involved in a complete Site Survey project?

    Bezpłatna konsultacja techniczna 

    Technical consultation

    Before we get started, we want to know your audit expectations and network issues.

    What can you expect from the consultation?

    • We will identify potential threats and risks and inform you about them.
    • We will tell you how we acted in similar projects and what results we achieved.

    Passive Site Survey

    The next stage is a visit to your locations to measure the parameters of the existing network.

    What do we do at this stage?

    • Measure radio parameters in given bands (usually 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).
    • Locate all access points.
    • Prepare a report with heat maps, noise levels and SNR levels.

    Predictive Planning

    Now we can move on to the network design.

    What are we planning at the Predictive Planning stage?

    • For existing networks, we indicate changes in the location of access points.
    • For new networks, we plan the deployment of new APs and their parameters.

    Post-Installation Onsite Survey

    After installing the devices, we will carry out measurements again and solve any problems.

    What do we do at this stage?

    • Come to your location
    • Check for interference between devices

    3 reasons to invest in a Wi-Fi Site Survey and a well-functioning network

    The research we conducted in manufacturing companies showed that a stable and reliable wireless network is the basis for the efficient operation of the entire organization. Every second of delay caused by the lack of access to the network or machine downtime means real financial losses for the company. Therefore, even signal coverage is still one of the most important elements in the design of network infrastructure.

    What are the benefits of a properly designed wireless network?

    Correct operation of devices

    Printers, IoT devices, sensors, autonomous machines, maybe even robots. For their efficient functioning in every corner of the company, adequate signal strength is required. Each of them also has its own individual requirements imposed by the manufacturer.

    Risk mitigation

    Employees, while moving, may have problems with switching between successive access points, and their devices may lose the ability to synchronize and prevent them from performing tasks. Potentially small things, however, can cause even such serious failures as data loss or lead to the need for an inventory.

    Employees well-being and productivity

    People are constantly connected to the network and are used to the fact that it works smoothly. If the signal disappears or pages load very slowly, it will cause frustration.

    When to conduct a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

    Fresh start

    when you open a new location and want to make sure everything works as it should

    Connectivity issues

    if any of the devices connected to the network loses the signal or the transfer is very slow

    Network maintenance

    if the conditions in the facility change, you plan to replace devices or modernize the infrastructure.

    Unusual location

    huge spaces, high ceilings in halls or factories, signal-absorbing obstacles

    Let’s reach your goals together

    Wi-Fi Site Survey is all about measurements, calculations and hard data. However, experience plays a huge role in creating recommendations.

    Will the devices work well together? Are there alternatives? Will the plan be reflected in reality? What will work in this location?

    Grandmetric experts who have completed several dozen audits and many years of experience supported by certificates know the answers to these and many other questions. Because we not only carry out Wi-Fi Site Surveys but also design wireless networks and secure access to them, we know and take into account the challenges that may be encountered in the later stages of the project.

    We know that the impossible exists, which is why we put honesty first in our work with the client. If for some reason it is not possible to design the network in an optimal way – we look for solutions together.

    Certified partner

    We work closely with the largest suppliers of hardware, software and measurement and network devices, such as Cisco, Aruba, Ekahau and many others, to ensure that the services provided are at the highest level.

    Cisco Premier Partner

    Our design certifications

    Grandmetric certyfikaty
    • Cisco Certified Design CCDE 
    • CCNP 
    • CCDP 
    • IAUWS737 Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security #642-737 

    Our engineers also keep their knowledge up-to-date.

    Check all our certifications

    Are you planning to build a network infrastructure or want to audit the current one? Let’s talk!

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