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We believe that cybersecurity and connectivity are no longer just an option. We design and implement cloud solutions, LAN, and WAN networks that are easy to manage and safeguard your business information, no matter if you are a growing company or a respected enterprise.
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Network Design and Security

Service continuity and data confidentiality make business security our top priority. We know how to choose the best paths to secure your IP and wireless network and services.

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Equipment Offering

IT equipment form top producers, delivered with configuration, service design, and technical training.

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IT Maintenance

Focus on your core business. We will take care of your network infrastructure, monitoring, licensing, backups, and troubleshooting.

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It all starts with a conversation

One of our unquestioned strengths is the ability to speak the technical language.
We know the challenges of network administrators and IT managers because we have faced them many times in our daily activities.

That is why we know what questions to ask to identify and address your pain points in a quick 15-minute conversation.




Why work with Grandmetric

Lab for R&D projects

We set up a lab environment to give our engineers a hands-on experience and a playground for new equipment and solutions.

Powerful partnerships

With a wide spectrum of technological partners, you get access to competitive technologies and top enterprise solutions.


We are proud to hold and regularly renew numerous industry certificates that confirm our expertise in the areas of network design, security, and IT systems.

Thinking ahead

Using our pioneering position in implementing Software Defined Networks (SDN, SD-WAN) on the Polish market, we can help you get ahead of your competition.

Faster adaptation

Thanks to a traditional SysOps and innovative DevOps approach you can quickly adapt your systems to new business conditions without compromising on IT stability.


Over eight hundred hours of training system engineers and administrators empower us to share our knowledge on internal and external training.

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News & Blog

Rimedo’s strong R&D background and commercial experience will enrich Grandmetric network services by 5G and 6G consulting and Wi-Fi audits. On the other hand, Grandmetric will support Rimedo’s customers with infrastructure and DevOps services.
The docker-compose is a useful tool for orchestrating multi-container Docker applications. It allows us to run applications based on a YAML file. This file is a list of instructions that define the parameters of the launched applications.
Modern DevOps solutions allow us to scale the applications quickly. Scaling doesn't always mean that we are slowly gaining customers and need to add more instances or servers. Scaling up can also happen periodically as the demand for our app might be higher in the evening or during the weekends.
For the times of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Grandmetric has setup VPN as a service hub. If your company is lacking VPN SSL licenses, IPSec VPN performance, VPN appliances or simply enough knowledge, your employees can easily connect to Grandmetric VPN Hub