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We're glad to inform that Grandmetric and VMware established professional level partnership. VMware is a global provider of virtualization and data center solutions including hypervisors (widely known #ESXi), multi-cloud networking with its #NSX and virtual desktop infrastructure #VDI #Horizon to name a few.
Congratulations to GRANDMETRIC for meeting the Authorization program requirements necessary to earn the designation of Cisco Hyperflex Authorization in the POLAND. In recognition of this achievement, Cisco will feature your company as having achieved the HyperFlex Authorization designation in Cisco Partner Locator.
Recently, we've been doing numerous site surveys and verification of Wi-Fi deployments in offices with more than 50APs per office in a managed setup (meaning that the APs are under the supervision of a wireless controller). In this post, I'd like to sketch an overview of the encountered issues and improvement suggestions.
With the beginning of the year we have great news. Grandmetric has met all requirements to achieve Gold Partnership from NetApp . NetApp is a global leader in high-end storage and hybrid-cloud solutions. Our team as a Gold Partner team is now able to quote the comprehensive end-to-end solution and Systems Engineers are ready to help in designing and implementing enterprise-class storage for DCs of our clients.

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Type: Guidepaper
Our latest Guidepaper we aim to provide a detailed insight into the world of enterprise wireless covering different aspects such as: the Wi-Fi technologies (and evolution), security mechanisms available, along with associated parameters involved in configuring and measurements involved in troubleshooting such a network. Also, note that this Guidepaper's contents are based on our unique "Enterprise Wireless Advanced" Course, discussion of which you can also find inside.
Type: Guidepaper
This Guidepaper provides a detailed overview of Cellular IoT concept followed by an overview of the current technologies such as NB-IoT, eMTC etc.
Type: Guidepaper
This Guidepaper discusses the various Next Generation Firewall products available in the market that can be utilized for Medium scale enterprise.


Grandmetric is an IT Next Generation Systems integration company helping clients with digital transformation, IT infrastructure automation, LAN, WiFi, SD-WAN & SDN delivery.

Fast growing Grandmetric team is becoming also a referral point in Cloud migrations and DC Stack management with their Storage, OS and virtualization experience. Grandmetric provides technical insights along with technical trainings in areas of expertise. Latest projects cover also IoT subjects R&D in the area of IoT backend development, big data analysis and monitoring. Based on above experience in production systems maintenance, new division – Grandmetric Managed Services (GMS) maintaining IT infrastructure of corporates & globally present customers is available for demanding IT environments.

Enterprise networks

There are huge range of technology aspects covering modern enterprises requirements. Starting with fundamental LAN and WAN connectivity, Internet Edge, Data Centers, mobility, collaboration, DC and Security and ending with the latest Software Defined Networks, Cloud directions, CIO’s, IT Managers, IT specialists might be confused which way to go. Grandmetric with their expertise, enterprise experience and research division helps enterprises to transform. Our latest activities cover SD-WAN transformations, WiFi troubleshooting and re-designs, IT Infrastructure automation (Jenkins, Ansible, Git, conainers), DevOps culture building.

Wireless systems

Mobile networks have been in spotlight since the introduction of LTE, back in 2009. Since then, there has been significant growth in mobile network technology at a very fast pace which includes introduction of Small Cells & Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Self-Organizing Networks (SON), virtualization and 5G. Check how Grandmetric can help you to understand latest radio trends and to decide in future investments in technology.

Internet of Things

IoT is a buzzword that everybody uses nowadays. You have probably heard about devices talking to other devices and servers and applications through Internet without human involvements. You have also probably heard about ideas like, smart city, smart parking, smart factory, smart house, etc. We are going beyond the hype and design, prototype and deploy such systems in practice with an example of “Souly” – a smart building solution with massive number of sensors, actuators and gateways connected to realize customers’ requirements such like energy savings. Ask Us about Internet of Thins aspects like: MQTT brokers, processing stacks, MQTT over SSL transmission, dockers, big data monitoring, highly efficient databases, API development, automation and multitenancy.

Network security

Confidentiality of data, importance of service continuity and consistently growing online business makes Security number one topic in IT business. There are many approaches, products, visions and vendors that address some security challenges. Due to the research, analysis and comparative studies done by our team with strong security background and experience we know how to choose the best path to secure your network and services.

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