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We are proud to announce our new website along with our new logo.
With this post "What is DHCP and how does it work?" post we are starting a new cycle of "Explained" blog posts dedicated to explaining networking fundamentals. If you want to read about a certain topic, please leave a message or comment posts!
Cisco ISE & Internet Edge 4 Days accelerated workshop. This is combined training for those who want to improve Cisco ISE troubleshooting and configuration skills as well as get familiar with BGP routing for Enterprise WAN & Internet Edge.
03.2017 is launching “Towards 5G: Research and Standardization Course” where Grandmetric contributed to the preparation of the content and outline.


The ever-increasing needs for more spectrum resources, and the new Radio Access Technologies (RAT) to serve Mobile Broadband (MBB) services add to the complexity of the Spectrum Toolbox in mobile networks landscape.
The ever-increasing needs for more spectrum resources, and the emerging new Radio Access Technologies under the 5G umbrella add to the complexity of the Spectrum Toolbox in mobile networks landscape. This article covers 3GPP LTE evolution from Release 8 up to the Release 14, which deals with the LTE-Advanced Pro enhancements.
This course guides through the practical application of Cisco Idenity Services Engine policy control system in Enterprise environment. Students will learn how to install and configure ISE main functionalities like 8021.X, MAC Authentication Bypass, Guest Access or BYOD process. Course is also focused on troubleshooting network access.
"Design and Build Enterprise Network" is a training about network fundamentals along with designing and building enterprise networks using the lab environment having newest network technologies and products.


Grandmetric is an ITelco Next Generation Consulting company providing technical and business insights, technical trainings and advanced services specializing in wireless communications, IP networking and network security.

Mobile Networks

Recently mobile networks gained a tremendous attention, starting from the introduction of LTE, back in 2009. Since then, the advancements have been progressing on a very fast pace and include Small Cells & Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Self-Organizing Networks (SON), virtualization and 5G.  Check how Grandmetric can help you to understand latest radio trends and to decide in future investments in technology.

Enterprise networks

There are huge range of technology aspects covering modern enterprises requirements. Starting with fundamental LAN and WAN connectivity, Internet Edges, Data Centers, mobility and collaboration and the data security and ending with the latest Software Defined Networks, Cloud directions managers, architects and engineers might be confused which way to go. Grandmetric with their expertise, enterprise experience and research help enterprises to transform.

Network security

Confidentiality of data, importance of service continuity and consistently growing online business makes the Security the topic number one in IT business. There are many approaches, products, visions and vendors that address some security challenges. Because we do research, analyse and comparisons and what is rare for consulting companies have strong security background and experience we know how to choose the best path on the way to secure your services.


Marcin Bialy
Advisory Architect | Board Member
Marcin Bialy

Marcin is a Head of IP & Security areas in Grandmetric. He conducts Grandmetric authorized training and is heading research in IP and Network Security areas. Acting as a Board Member defines company’s strategy .
Marcin Dryjanski
Principal Consultant | Board Member
Marcin Dryjanski

Marcin is heading the mobile communications field in Grandmetric. He is heading technical consulting and research in 5G area and is responsible for defining company’s strategy and service portfolio in the area of mobile communications.