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We deliver outstanding technology courses and product workshops. We are authors of Network and Radio training content.

Our course content is designed purely by our experienced team members, so you can expect to come across our content driven courses in the market as well. Our approach is to bring medley of theory and hands on experience. Our trainers hold vendor certificates like Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI), are public speakers and IEEE members.

Education Content Delivery

In addition to running our own technical courses, we provide technical content for external training or consultancy companies.
The content can be delivered in the form of final training materials or technical documents for further processing.

Technical Consulting

Many organizations need real technology consulting, that means someone who is an expert, committed and able to analyze current situation and to help in transforming organization’s business to perform.
Grandmetric consultancy understands the modern business needs, and having best technological outlook can provide advisory that will help you go beyond your competitors. We deliver our competences in the form of R&D, implementation, auditing or business consulting.


We see in today’s world companies require different resources to tackle different problems and we understand that mission critical projects require contractors who are experts in the field.

We work with you directly, closing the project successfully and you do not have to bear any HR costs any more. There are many companies that look for engineers and architects and many firms that offer IT recruiting services but relying only on recruiters can pose some risk. This is the area where we as contractors come to play. You talk with us, we understand your needs and requirements, we work directly with you without any brokers or agents. You don’t have to pay any extra fee for a recruiting agency!