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Layer 3 subinterface (Huawei)

Design & Configure

Layer 3 subinterface (Huawei)

Technology: Network
Area: Configuration General
Vendor: Huawei
Software: eNSP
Platform: AR120, S9300&S9300E&S9300X V200R010C00

Sub-interfaces are multiple logical interfaces configured on a main (physical) interface to allow to communicate within subnets on a trunk link. Sub-interfaces can share physical layer parameters of their main interface or be configured with their respective link layer parameters and network layer parameters. Disabling or activating sub-interfaces does not affect the main interface status, but the main interface status change affects the status of sub-interfaces. Sub-interfaces work properly only when their main interface is in Up-state. Associating a sub-interface with a VLAN implements inter-VLAN communication and applies to Dot1q termination and QinQ termination scenarios.

To enter the System configuration mode run:



After System-View enter the subinterface mode:

interface interface-type interface-number.subinterface-number


To configure the IP address:

ip address ip-address { mask | mask-length } [ subnet ]


To configure the sub-interface for dot1q VLAN Run:

dot1q termination vid low-pe-vid [ to high-pe-vid ]




Author: Marcin Bialy