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  • Hybrid work environment

    Remote work? Hybrid? Increase productivity and lower the cost of communication solutions.

    Secure unified communications

    Modern enterprises meet the challenges of unified communications and remote work and equip their employees with secure communication tools not only in offices but wherever they can connect to the company.

    Today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs determine the direction of the development of modern organizations. In the era of reorganization caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are looking for ways to ensure business continuity and resilience. Remote work and safe access for employees are some of the challenges that will stay with us for longer. According to a Cisco study, only half of the companies were in any way prepared for a massive departure from work in the office caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    At Grandmetric, we design secure communication

    We provide full software and hardware necessary for efficient communication.

    We create migration plans, also on a global scale.

    We implement the most modern and safest collaboration solutions in their class.

    Unified Communication solutions

    unified communications platforms

    We help companies and institutions build modern business communication systems

    With our help, you will say goodbye to old, non-functional systems that are not suitable for the current reality of work.

    • You will provide modern communication tools to your organization (communicators, voice services, video systems and virtual studios).
    • You will choose from top equipment such as headsets, videoconferencing equipment, IP phones and others and integrate it with the communication platforms used in the company.
    • You’ll have your contact center professionally built.
    • You’ll have your existing telecommunications systems taken care of, even those in poor technical condition. Without documentation, we are able to secure, update and standardize them.
    • We also carry out migrations and integrations of voice systems.
    • Thanks to our experience in network security, we ensure the security of all created networks. We take a proactive approach to security and maintenance. We also have experience in helping clients in crisis situations or security incidents.


    A unified communications system, efficient and fully ready for the challenges of growing companies

    Fast and secure communication with employees and customers

    What is Unified Communications?

    Integrated corporate communications, also known as Unified Communications (UC), is a comprehensive system that combines various communication tools such as telephone, email, text messaging, video conferencing, and more. As a result, employees can use one integrated platform, which facilitates the management and improves the efficiency of communication in the company.

    Today’s work model requires employees to react quickly, regardless of the channel through which they receive messages. That is why Unified Communications platforms integrate in one place functions or modules that have been dispersed so far. UC solutions include:

    • VoIP telephony
    • Videoconferencing
    • Chat
    • Voicemail
    • WebRTC
    • Application Sharing

    How to ensure secure communication in the company?

    Through properly selected and configured tools, you can give your employees access to current information, from anywhere and on any device.

    Integrated communication also enables encryption and secure data transmission. Employees can use one secure platform from which they can communicate with other employees, business partners and customers.

    In addition, by opting for one communication solution in all branches, you can significantly reduce the cost of the solution itself, as well as its delivery and service.

    Unified Communications enables immediate response to messages and calls, regardless of where the employee is located. It is worth noting that in the era of remote work, Unified Communications becomes even more important, allowing employees to freely use various tools, regardless of where they are. Thanks to this, remote work becomes simpler and more effective.

    When is it worth using integrated communication tools?

    Unified Communications is worth using in every company that focuses on effective and fast communication. This platform allows for the integration of various tools and allows employees to use them faster and easier. Thanks to this, companies can increase their efficiency and improve their competitiveness in the market.

    Efficient and fast communication

    thanks to tools integration


    encryption and secure data transmission

    Better efficiency and productiveness

    within the work groups


    easy adjustment to the growing company

    Easy management

    access to data and settings from one place

    Global reach

    easier work with foreign partners

    The implementation of the Unified Communications system is particularly important in organizations where:

    • business efficiency depends on the smooth flow of information (public institutions, hospitals, schools, editorial offices, commercial offices),
    • the team is dispersed – its members work remotely, hybrid or are located in different places in the world,
    • switching to one communication operator would bring significant savings,
    • contact with the customer is crucial (companies with call centers, contact centers and extensive customer service departments).

    We provide secure communication solutions

    In the design and implementation of Collaboration systems, we use our many years of experience in the following areas:

    • Cisco Unified Communications (CUCM, IM&P, CUC, CMS, TMS, Expressway, Prime) with integration of Microsoft S4B solutions, SIP standard, XMPP
    • SIP SBC (Cisco CUBE, Audiocodes Oracle – Acme Packet) – Linux networking, VoIP  (Asterisk) with DNS, DHCP, WWW services
    • Video on demand (VoD) and streaming platforms (vBrick)
    • Designing dedicated interfaces for Unified Communications products (AXL, REST, PHP, Python)
    • Designing QoS/QoE

    Wondering how to improve communication in your organization?

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