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Cisco ISE: 1. Bootstrap process – VM installation

Technology: Network Security
Area: Access and Identity Management
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 2.1
Platform: ISE Virtual Appliance


Tutorial shows the Cisco ISE bootstrap and installation process for ISE 2.1. Before you start make sure that you have all the necessary information required during bootstrap:


  • Addressing:
    • IP, Mask, Gateway for deployments
    • Name Servers, NTP Servers, Time Zone


  • Naming convention:
    • Hostnames, Deployment naming
    • DNS – corporate rules and ISE services
    • How users will see Guest URL?
    • How sponsors will access the sponsor portal (URL)?


  • Certificates
    • Consider certificates functions (Admin, EAP, Portals, pxGRID)
    • Is it allowde to use Wildcard Certificates?


If you know the answers and details are noted, you can start the installation process.

  • ISE Bootstrap – ADE-OS configuration:
    • Menu selection

ISE boot options


  • Menu selection – choosing install VM Appliance (VMware ESXi)

Cisco ISE bootstrap


  • Bootstrap – installation process in progress 1

Cisco ISE installation process


  • Bootstrap – installation process in progress 2

Cisco ISE installation process pos-install scripts


  • Bootstrap – installation process : setup

Cisco ISE installation first setup


  • Bootstrap – installation process : CLI ADE-OS configuration details

Cisco ISE CLI ADE-OS configuration


  • Bootstrap – installation process : CLI ADE-OS configuration details – continued

Cisco ISE CLI ADE-OS application install


  • Bootstrap – after installation use show run command to see ADE OS configuration

Cisco ISE CLI ADE-OS show running-config


  • Bootstrap – after installation use: node1/admin#show application status ise command to verify services that are running. Take a note that untill Application Server is not in running state the GUI is not ready to interact yet

Cisco ISE CLI ADE-OS show application status ise


  • After installation is completed you can login to Web GUI.


  • ISE GUI Access
    • Application service must be running, access https://ise_ip_address_or_name
    • Use first login set during bootstrap installation process
    • Checking ISE App and ADE-OS version

Cisco ISE GUI 2.1

Author: Marcin Bialy