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  • NAC – Network Access Control

    NAC – Network Access Control

    It might seem that by using company computers only for business purposes, blocking dangerous websites and investing in a firewall, nothing threatens us. However, the threat does not have to come directly from the “internet”. A security breach is any logging of unauthorized devices into the corporate network.

    The vault is only as safe as the door that protects it, and if the door is left open, its contents can easily be plundered.

    – Karol Goliszewski, Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric

    Internal network protection tools don’t always have to be complicated to keep you safe. Sometimes even simple solutions like NAC are able to stop the threat.

    What is the NAC system?

    Network Access Control (NAC) is a system that allows you to recognize, verify, authenticate and collect information about devices logging into the network. Thanks to NAC, you know who, where and when made the connection. Based on certain criteria, the tool can accept the device or deny it access. Regardless of whether we connect via wifi or “via cable”, NAC is the first point of contact of the device with the network.

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    How does network access control work?

    NAC can be compared to a receptionist or security guard at the entrance to a building. If we have a pass – we will enter right away. If not, they will check our identity, determine the purpose of the visit, verify whether we have an appointment, direct us to the right place and record the entry in the log. If necessary, they can even refuse us access to the rest of the building.

    Common use cases for network control access

    Corporate access to network resources with NAC
    Guest access scenario with NAC and Grandmetric

    What do advanced access control tools give you?

    Strengthening security by identifying and controlling device access to the organization’s network.

    Managing access to resources between departments.

    Managing access for guests, e.g. through a dedicated landing page, generating a one-time password or transferring to another network.

    Checking and evaluating the security level of the device that wants to connect to the network.

    Control of devices with access to the network and the ability to disconnect them.

    Access to detailed login reports.

    Where is it best to implement access control?

    The scalability and universality of the tool allow it to be used in organizations of all sizes, regardless of whether it employs 20 or 20,000 people. The branch of the economy in which it operates is also irrelevant.

    The implementation of an access control system is particularly important in places where:

    • guests are often received (public institutions, hospitals, schools, editorial offices, commercial offices),
    • sensitive data is processed (financial and health institutions, offices, companies with know-how)
    • many IoT devices are in operation (manufacturing companies, automatic warehouses, private dormitories, hotels, shipment centers).

    NAC is the foundation of any security system and should be your first choice when securing your network. Practice shows, however, that it is implemented only at later stages, which means that sometimes, despite the high quality of other tools, access can be obtained by anyone who clicks the “Connect” button.

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      Marcin Biały advisory architect Grandmetric

      “We are dealing with an increasing number of cyber threats. That is why all places where a potential attack may occur should be taken into account.”

      Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect | Board Member at Grandmetric

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