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First network Bootcamp Grand Tour around the Poland!

We are excited to announce first Networking Bootcamp Tour around the Poland. We’re going to visit cities of Poland and give you the opportunity to attend the super efficient network training with experienced instructors! For detailed course descriptions, dates and places visit our special dedicated site at


Grandmetric launching new website and new logo

We are proud to announce our new website along with our new logo.


“Explained” corner on Grandmetric Blog

With this post “What is DHCP and how does it work?” post we are starting a new cycle of “Explained” blog posts dedicated to explaining networking fundamentals. If you want to read about a certain topic, please leave a message or comment posts!


We are announcing the “Cisco ISE & Internet Edge” 4 days accelerated workshop

Cisco ISE & Internet Edge 4 Days accelerated workshop. This is combined training for those who want to improve Cisco ISE troubleshooting and configuration skills as well as get familiar with BGP routing for Enterprise WAN & Internet Edge.


Cisco ASA Deep Dive training launched by Grandmetric

We have just announced the Cisco ASA Deep Dive training series. We are starting with onsite training in Poznan, Poland 6-8 of June, but our mobile bootcamp is ready to conduct dedicated bootcamp on your premises, just let us know at or follow us on Linkedin and Facebook !


Grandmetric introducing new meetup for network & wireless geeks in Poznan!

All interested in IP & Wireless Networking, Network Security and design are welcome to join, come, talk to our Network & Wireless group. To find out more about it visit our blog post: So let’s meet and talk about the constantly changing, “cloudy” and “foggy” cyberworld. Join to Network&Wireless Meetup and Stay connected!


Grandmetric is launching a new set of Enterprise Networking training courses

We are proud to announce a set of enterprise networking training courses


We are hiring: Students for IP and Wireless research

Grandmetric sp. z o. o., a consulting company focusing on newest telecom technologies located in Poznan, Poland, working in the following fields: mobile telecom (LTE, LTE-A, 5G), IP Networking, Network Security and IoT, is looking for: Research Student to work in the field of IP Networking and Network Security,Research Student to work in the field of LTE/LTE-A/5G.


Grandmetric contributed to “Towards 5G: Research and Standardization” online course launched by is launching “Towards 5G: Research and Standardization Course” where Grandmetric contributed to the preparation of the content and outline.


New publication “3GPP Spectrum Access Evolution Towards 5G” (M. Szydelko, Movilo, M. Dryjanski, Grandmetric)

We are proud to introduce you to “3GPP Spectrum Access Evolution Towards 5G“ – a survey article co-authored by Grandmetric on spectrum access methods within 3GPP.

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