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IT security audit

Robust and secure IT infrastructure

Security audit of IT systems and infrastructure 

A security audit is an essential tool for ensuring the resilience of IT infrastructure against cyberattacks. It is a holistic analysis of all aspects affecting the cybersecurity of your company and its assets – know-how, patents, or customer data.  

The cybersecurity audit consists of:  

Examining infrastructure and networks for potential risks. 

Analysis of compliance with established security policies (Security Compliance).  

Penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities and bugs that threaten system security.  

Preparation of recommendations and good cybersecurity practices.  

Assess whether you would benefit from an IT security audit 

A security audit should be a mandatory part of your IT strategy if: 

audyt bezpieczeństwa infrastruktury

You are the owner or manager of a company that has an IT infrastructure 

audyt bezpieczeństwa danych

You store data, especially sensitive and personal ones 

audyt bezpieczeństwa informacji wrażliwych

You want to protect your knowledge, patents, and company know-how 

audyt bezpieczeństwa dla pracowników zdalnych

In your company, at least part of the team works remotely. 

What will you gain from a cybersecurity audit? 

You will better understand the risks 

You will learn about the security gaps in your infrastructure. 

You will improve security compliance 

You will match solutions to the required security policies. 

You will make the most of your equipment 

You will learn how to get rid of vulnerabilities using existing solutions. 

You will set up an IT recovery plan 

You will receive detailed recommendations in line with the best security practices. 

You will choose the best equipment 

You will secure your business to the highest level, and we will ensure that you always have up-to-date licenses. 

You will increase awareness of the risks 

You will point managers toward the direction of investment in cybersecurity. 

How does our audit work? 

audyt bezpieczeństwa - faza przygotowawcza

Preparation phase 

  • Defining the needs and establishing the scope of the security audit, consulting with our experts, and defining the customer’s problems. 
  • Question and answer sessions with IT managers and gathering the necessary information on specific customer issues and their impact on users.  
  • The signing of the audit agreement. 

Research phase 

  • A thorough analysis of the architecture and systems under study. 
  • Examination of compliance with the company’s security policy and good cybersecurity practices.  
  • Penetration tests. 
audyt bezpieczeństwa - faza testów
audyt bezpieczeństwa - przygotowanie raportu

Advisory phase 

  • Drafting of a comprehensive report detailing the defined problems and recommending solutions.  
  • Discussion of the report at a dedicated meeting with the customer. 
  • Advisory support for the implementation of safety recommendations.  
  • Verification of changes applied and recommendations implemented. 

Security audit – FAQ 

How often should IT security audits be conducted?  

It is best to do this periodically, at least once a year, and whenever changes are made to the systems.  

How long does a security audit take?  

An audit, depending on the type, size, and complexity of the structure being audited, can take from a few days to several weeks.  

How much does it cost to carry out an IT security audit?  

The rate for the service is determined on a case-by-case basis due to factors such as the type, size and complexity of the system being audited.  

How to check the competence of IT auditors?  

The technical competence of the experts carrying out the security audit is confirmed by certificates issued by international cybersecurity organizations. 

What is the difference between a security audit and a penetration test?  

A penetration test only deals with its specific part (infrastructure, application, network or website) and is part of a security audit. The audit covers the entire system being audited.  

What does your security audit report contain? 

Raporty bezpieczeństwa Grandmetric to szczegółowa i skrupulatnie wykonana dokumentacja. Standardowo zawiera:

  • Executive Summary. 
  • Methods used and good practice. 
  • A list of the hardware or system components to be tested, together with their software versions. 
  • A list of vulnerabilities with classification and evidence of finding each vulnerability. 
  • A list of necessary updates and recommendations for secure hardware configuration. 
  • A detailed description of the results of the Security Compliance analysis with recommendations. 
  • An assessment of the security level of the system under investigation. 

Wondering what type of audit will best serve your organization? Let’s talk! 

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    Marcin Biały advisory architect Grandmetric

    “In today’s world, the methods and so-called vectors of attacks and spreading hazards are exceptionally diverse, not to say – sophisticated. We are faced with an ever-increasing number of possible interfaces, protocols, and interfaces with different parts of the IT environment. This is why all places where a potential attack could occur should be taken into account.”

    Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect | Board Member at Grandmetric

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