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  • Next Generation Firewalls

    Protect the network edge, data centers and cloud applications with modern firewalls.

    NGFW – Next Generation Firewall 

    Next Generation Firewall can protect the edge of the network from threats more effectively than firewalls of the previous generation. That’s because they were designed to provide context and better visibility into the traffic flowing through the network compared to older stateful firewalls where OSI Layer 3 and Layer 4 information was the only object of classification.

    By skillfully combining the use of firewall capabilities with other security systems, Grandmetric provides its customers with the best Next Generation Firewalls on the market, regardless of the size of the organization and the way it works.

    What does a Next Generation Firewall do?

    Traffic analysis

    Application control

    Protection against malware and viruses

    Detection of suspicious activity

    VPN functionality

    Anti-DDoS protection

    How to choose the right NGFW for the company?

    A firewall is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping employees, devices, and data safe. Today’s work model, with employees connecting to the network using various devices, from various places in the world, and also from home, requires multidimensional protection. The firewall is its foundation.

    – Karol Goliszewski, Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric

    Firewalls are not made equal, so when choosing a specific model for your network, we take into account many factors that affect not only the choice of manufacturer and model but also the configuration of the device itself.

    1. What resources are we supposed to protect and where are they located? Do you want to protect the interface with the Internet, resources in the data center or resources at the interface of extranets? Or maybe the firewall is to be only a supplement to the existing protection?
    2. How many locations and subnets should be protected?
    3. What network traffic are we dealing with? What are its parameters? How many connections and what bandwidth does your organization have?
    4. What services do network users use? Is it traffic from mail servers, web applications, IoT devices or something else?
    5. How many employees use the network on site and how many connect remotely, e.g. via VPN? How will this change in the next two years?

    Next Generation Firewalls from a proven supplier

    We provide companies with various and tailored security solutions that allow you to effectively protect the network, employees and data while ensuring convenient management of even the most complex system.

    Why Grandmetric? 

    A 100% match. We offer network security from leading vendors, and our engineers design solutions tailored to your business and network.

    Care from A to Z. We will help you choose the technology, implement it, migrate it, and monitor the solution.

    Experts on difficult topics. We are able to operate in demanding environments, which is confirmed by our clients and business partners.

    Our technology partners in the field of NGFW

    Cisco Premier Partner

    Need an expert consultation?

    Let’s talk about your organization, its business and technological challenges. Understanding the context you are in will allow us to adapt the firewall to your realities. And it will allow you to meet our team and convince yourself that it is worth taking the next step together.

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      Marcin Biały advisory architect Grandmetric

      “We are dealing with an increasing number of cyber threats. That is why all places where a potential attack can occur should be taken into account.”

      Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect | Board Member at Grandmetric

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