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    Safe, connected and digitally efficient

    IT Solutions for public sector

    The public sector, like other branches of the economy, uses increasingly complex IT systems. The level of infrastructure complexity and the complexity of bureaucratic processes pose challenges that are often difficult to overcome for individual local government units. We can help you maintain safe communication and continuity of operation of the unit, and at the same time ensure the security procedures required by law. We also provide access to knowledge and specialized training so that your organization can operate more efficiently.

    IT challenges public sector faces


    Threats related to hacker attacks, phishing and ransomware are no longer a dream, but a reality. This is shown by the growing number of cyber attacks carried out on the Polish public sector by Russian organized crime groups. In addition, it ensures the security of personal data and confidential information.

    Changing laws and requirements for infrastructure

    New regulations and acts force continuous work to increase the efficiency and security of data and services. The technological requirements to which the public sector is subject require the replacement of outdated and inefficient infrastructure that does not ensure adequate security. This applies to both communication systems, servers and wireless networks.

    Digitization of services

    The process of transferring traditional services to the digital environment requires significant changes in the infrastructure, systems and configuration of the public sector in the IT area. Implementing the right platforms and tools to handle administrative matters online can be a challenge.

    High energy and operating costs

    Rising costs may lead to the need to reduce investments in the development of local infrastructure and hinder the sustainable socio-economic development of the region. Finding solutions that will reduce energy consumption and remain affordable is a big challenge for local governments.

    Systems Integration

    The public sector has various IT systems that are not always integrated with each other. This situation may lead to double work, data errors and difficulties in internal communication.

    Overworked staff

    The public sector competes in the labour market with private IT companies. The shortage of specialists in the labour market creates a competence gap that may impede effective work in the modern digital environment. Training and education may be necessary to increase the digital competencies of the workforce.

    They trusted us

    Proven solutions for municipalities, counties and schools

    Servers and storage

    Provide the unit with safe access to data supported by solid backup systems and an efficient computing environment - also virtual. Plus, manage your infrastructure conveniently.

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    Design of wireless networks

    We will help you design the network, select the appropriate equipment and equip it with an optimal set of licenses. We will also take care of ordering and delivering the equipment on time. And if you want, we will implement and ensure the security of your wireless network.

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    Security audits

    An IT audit performed by Grandmetric covers both software and hardware. Therefore, the risk of failure due to unwanted activities of hackers and malicious applications is reduced.

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    Secure communication tools

    Prepare secure and unifiedcommunication, improve the quality of officials' work by equipping them with equipment such as headsets, videoconferencing equipment, IP phones and integrate it with the communication platforms used.

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    IT services and care

    We take over existing telecommunications systems, including those in poor technical condition. Even without documentation, we are able to secure, update and standardize them.

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    Building an ISMS and security policies

    Combine strategies, regulations and instructions into a complete compendium that will make it easier for you to manage data and system security and respond to possible security incidents.

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    Laprops and peripherals

    Provide your unit with appropriate quality work tools, including computer equipment and peripheral devices. Grandmetric also provides them with service and support in renewing licenses.

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    Energy saving systems

    Reduce heat consumption in your unit by up to 50%! The Souly system we designed, based on IoT sensors, allows for rational energy management and significant savings.

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    Partners with whom we digitize the public sector

    Talk to our experts

    We will show you how to meet the requirements of current government programs and use the funds to digitize your commune, county or district.

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