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  • NAC comparison – How to choose Network Access Control?

    NAC comparison – How to choose Network Access Control?

    In the eye of an engineer

    We have prepared a NAC comparison to help engineers consciously choose the right solution to protect network access. There are many solid NAC systems on the market. Some of them are better suited to smaller, others to larger and more hierarchical organizations.

    This technical comparison will help you choose NAC at an early stage of securing your network. This will help you avoid making the common mistake of leaving your network open to anyone who clicks the Connect button.

    NAC Comparison – what you’ll find inside?

    1. What is a NAC system?
    2. NAC system cs. RADIUS server
    3. Overview of NAC solutions
      • Cisco ISE
      • Aruba Clearpass
      • Extreme NAC
      • NACVIEW
      • Microsoft NPS
    4. NAC comparison
      • Implementation and configuration
      • Dashboard
      • Integrations with 3rd parties
      • Reliability
      • Guest Access
      • Reporting
      • Support
    5. Comparison tables
    6. Good practices in NAC implementation

    Compare available NAC systems and check which one will be right for your organization

    The scalability and universality of NAC systems allow them to be used in organizations of any size, regardless of whether they employ 20 or 20,000 people. The branch of the economy in which it operates does not matter either.

    However, implementation is especially worth considering in places where guests are frequently received, where sensitive data is processed, or even in closed facilities where particularly valuable information is stored or where many devices are connected via IoT.

    Our engineers tell us from a practical perspective how they work with individual NAC systems. They compare them in terms of available functionalities, comfort of use, quality of documentation and many others.

    Who is this NAC system comparison for?

    Board members

    responsible for business continuity

    IT managers

    including experts responsible for personal data protection

    Network and systems administrators

    looking for robust security solutions

    What is a NAC solution?

    Internal network protection tools don’t always have to be complicated to ensure security. Sometimes even simple solutions, such as a NAC system, can stop the threat. How it’s working?

    Network Access Control (NAC) is a system that allows you to recognize, verify, authenticate and collect information about devices logging into the network. Thanks to NAC, you know who established the connection, where and when. Based on certain criteria, the tool can accept or deny access to a given device. Regardless of whether we connect via Wi-Fi or “po”.
    cable”, NAC is the first contact of the device with the network.

    It might seem that by using company computers only for business purposes, blocking dangerous websites and investing in a firewall, we are in no danger. However, the threat does not have to come directly from the Internet. Any unauthorized device logging into the company network is a security breach.

    For example, it is the private tablet of an unsuspecting employee. A tablet that is connected to Wi-Fi and plays Tetris may not have sufficient protection – thus opening the door to criminals.

    It is also the laptop of a sales representative who connected to an Ethernet cable in the conference room to start a presentation. A representative… doesn’t have to be a representative at all. She may turn out to be a real hacker who will be able to extract personal data of staff, business contacts or information allowing her to gain a competitive advantage in a few moments.

    Download and learn how to effectively control user access to the network

    Karol Goliszewski Grandmetric

    “I recommend this guide to everyone who is looking for effective ways to strengthen the company’s cybersecurity at a relatively low cost. NAC systems are a must-have for Polish businesses that need to ensure the security of network and data access. I know only such systems.”

    Karol Goliszewski, Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric

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