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    A significant part of our work is related to carry out research on the latest technological developments. Based on our research we publish articles, books, presentations and whitepapers. Below you can read, download or buy one, depending on its type.

    NAC comparison – How to choose Network Access Control?

    24 Meraki and Cisco wireless solutions – technology overview

    Overview of NGFW for Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises

    Adoption of Smart Cities with a Practical Smart Building Implementation

    Enterprise Wireless: Cisco Products Overview

    Do we need next G’s?

    Why ”one-size-fits-all” approach does not work in wireless systems anymore?

    IoT Monitoring and Management

    IoT Architecture and Analytics – Souly Example

    Enterprise Wireless – An Insight Into Different Wi-Fi Systems Aspects

    Internet-of-Things – An Excursion Through Selected IoT Technologies

    5G Features – A Voyage Through Selected Aspects

    5G-PPP Projects – A Trip Through the European Research Towards 5G

    From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G

    LTE Advanced Pro – A Short Excursion

    3GPP Spectrum Access Evolution Towards 5G

    Spectrum Toolbox Survey: Evolution Towards 5G (Presentation)

    Design & Configure

    We give you free and vendor-independent knowledge base that delivers a single point of reference in the area of network designs, features, and infrastructure configuration. We publish our hints in a clear and well-documented form that you can use directly in your lab, projects, or exam preparations.

    Glossary & Blogs

    The network world is full of terms, which can be enigmatic even for more advanced network specialists. That is why we decided to create Grandmetric’s Glossary, where you can find terms connected to network and wireless world.


    We want to use our knowledge gained over many years of work as network specialists and share it with people who want to start their professional adventure in this world. Observing the network training market, we noticed that people are easily discouraged by the archaic form of the presented content. That’s why we’ve decided to launch a brand new section on our website – E-Learning – with 5 main topics: Intro to Network and Wireless, Data Transmission, Routing Fundamentals, Wi-Fi Fundamentals, and Wireless Networking. This is totally for FREE – all you need to do is register and feel welcome to gain new knowledge with our network specialists.