SD-WAN Delivery

SD-WAN Delivery

As a pionniers of SD-WAN (short for Software Defined Wide Area Network) implementations in Poland we know the pros but also cons of SDWAN migration from traditional WAN. As in general we think the SD-WAN is kind of revolutionary approach (dissagregation of data and control plane) we stick to the ground and as experienced network engineers can point out many kinds of potential issues on the way to “softwarize” your WAN. As much has been said already, the power of SD-WAN from IT department view is:


  • Ease of administration even for entry network technitian
  • Relatively quick SD-WAN setup with different ZTP (Zero touch provisioning) flavors
  • No need of knowledge of sophisticated routing protocols
  • An overlay network independent of underlaying networks, mediums and service providers
  • Single point of management
  • Ability to route traffic based on applications
  • Alternative to MPLS links from Service Provider




Above points could prejudge in many cases and force decision makers to buy SD-WAN solution. For example pure calculation that compares the resignation from dedicated MPLS service and switching to SD-WAN , where the later is based on chepaer Internet and LTE links can easily convict that SD-WAN is the right way in long term. But we can see some specific situations where SD-WAN not necesserily can be of good choice. Good old DMVPNs of GETVPNs structures can still do the job for you. For example, when you have nice DMVPN design and automation (for example written in Ansible) and you do not realy need app based routing or two Internet links in the same time utilization. It might be that SD-WAN is not the best choice for you at the moment. As said in most cases it is, but anyway you can trust Grandmetric network experts on the way to migrate your WAN to SD-WAN and that they will objectively point you and your organization to right direction and take care of the details like licensing, appliance and virtual appliance choose and so on. What we provide when doing WAN to SD-WAN transition?


  • We make you understand the technology first
  • We will prepare Proof of Concept for you with Grandmetric PoC Labs
  • We want you to choose the solution based on conviction
  • If you choose SD-WAN, we can design whole migration plan for you and managed the project
  • We will setup and migrate WAN to SD-WAN trying to make it without business impact
  • We will teach you how to use SD-WAN
  • We can also support you in operational tasks
  • Or we can manage your SD-WAN on daily basis with Grandmetric Managed Services (GMS) team


Interested in SD-WAN ? Write to us and we will setup a video call



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