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    SD-WAN Delivery

    SD-WAN helps you build your WAN network based on various telecom operators in various locations. Still, you’re able to maintain your own WAN logic as well as utilize all available trunks at once.

    As pioneers of SD-WAN (short for Software-Defined Wide Area Network) implementations in Poland, we know the pros and cons of migrations from traditional WAN to SD-WAN. We like to think of SD-WAN as a  revolutionary approach due to the disaggregation of data and control plane.

    We prepared migrations to SD-WAN as well as Proof of Concept projects for a chain of service points, for food production companies, aggregate producers, and providers of health and safety materials.

    Implementation models – two ways to go

    We provide a full portfolio of Cisco SD-WAN routers from C1000, ISR and industrial series. All are available to install in a classic or “as a Service” model.

    Traditional model

    You’re buying the hardware, licenses, and installation as a part of your CAPEX expenses. After the implementation, we can sign a separate maintenance agreement.

    SD-WAN as a Service

    Hardware, configurations, maintenance, licenses, and a certain SLA level are on us (and are based in our cloud). They go under one plain monthly subscription fee.

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    What challenges does SD-WAN address?

    Single point of management – makes administration easy even for entry-level network technician

    Relatively quick SD-WAN setup with different ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) flavors

    No need for you to know sophisticated routing protocols and IPSec or GRE tunnel configurations

    The overlay network is independent of the underlying networks, media, and service providers

    More efficient application traffic due to application-aware routing (AAR)

    You’re ready to instantly launch cloud communication with AWS and Azure

    The above points could prejudge in many cases and force decision-makers to buy the SD-WAN solution. For example, a pure calculation that compares the resignation from dedicated MPLS service and switching to SD-WAN, where the latter is based on cheaper Internet and LTE links, can easily convict that SD-WAN is the right way in the long term.

    When is SD-WAN not the way to go?

    We can see some specific situations where SD-WAN is not necessarily the best choice. Good old DMVPNs of GETVPNs structures can still do the job for you. When you have a nice DMVPN design and automation (for example, written in Ansible) and you do not really need app-based routing or two Internet links in the same time utilization. It might be that SD-WAN is not the best choice for you at the moment.

    As said, in most cases, it is. Still, anyway, you can trust Grandmetric network experts on the way to migrate your WAN to SD-WAN and that they will objectively point you and your organization in the right direction and take care of the details like the choice of licensing, appliances, virtual appliance and so on.

    What do we provide with SD-WAN migration?

    • We make you understand the technology first, so you can be sure that SD-WAN is the right solution to your challenges
    • We will prepare a Proof of Concept for you with advanced Grandmetric PoC Labs
    • If you choose SD-WAN, we will prepare the whole migration plan for you and then will manage the project
    • We will set up and migrate WAN to SD-WAN, doing what we can to prevent the migration from disrupting your daily operations
    • We will teach you how to use SD-WAN
    • We will support you in operational tasks
    • We will manage your SD-WAN daily with Grandmetric Managed Services (GMS) team.

    Considering a migration to SD-WAN? Let’s discuss your challenges and see whether SD-WAN is the best choice for your organization.

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      “We want to be sure that the engineer who will consult your project has hands-on experience in solving similar problems to yours. That’s why we choose him after a preliminary conversation aimed at understanding your situation and the challenges you’re faced with.”

      Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect & Board Member, Grandmetric

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