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  • Enterprise network design

    Design of secure and robust enterprise networks

    LAN, WAN, SD-WAN network design

    Corporate networks in the XXI century comprise much more than just hardware and licenses. They’re also rich in automation, software, and cloud systems. That’s why the capabilities and competencies of engineers who work on them are so important.  Our engineering team is composed of software architects, and even electronic engineers, capable of facing even the most complex and demanding It projects in the world.

    What types of network design projects do we run?

    Greenfield projects – from the ground up  

    We design Ethernet and wireless networks in new buildings such as hotels, private dorms, or production halls and storage spaces. 

    Migrations to new technological solutions

    We prepare the migration of the entire network or its fragment to newer technologies. We have experience in voice infrastructure unification projects on a global scale or WAN infrastructure migration to SD-WAN.

    Network transformations

    These are projects that require both business sensibility and technical knowledge due to working infrastructure that can’t be switched off. 

    Designing high-availability systems

    We work with network structures of great complexity, reliability and traffic load, which made the decisions made by our teams worth millions of dollars.

    Professional services and consulting based on network design

    LAN network design

    In addition to the project itself, we make sure that our networks are managed in a convenient and intuitive way, which saves our clients time and relieves their IT teams.

    Our Network Engineers and DevOps also build tools that automate and optimize network management, regardless of the model and supplier of network devices on the client’s side.

    WAN network design

    Wide area networks designed by Grandmetric ensure reliable data transmission between remote locations, thus allowing for the secure exchange of information in industrial plants, sales networks or administrative units.

    Secure wireless networks design

    The basis of our enterprise-class Wi-Fi network projects is Site Survey, followed by proper planning, configuration or modification of radio parameters, as well as identifying and resolving problems with wireless connectivity or guest access. We also advise on the selection of access points and wireless network controllers, emphasizing the security of access to Wi-Fi networks and intuitive monitoring.

    Network migrations to SD-WAN

    As pioneers of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) implementation in Poland, we know the pros and cons of migrating from traditional WAN to SD-WAN. We believe that SD-WAN is a revolutionary approach to routing, e.g. due to the separation of the Data Plane and the Control Plane. We have prepared migrations to SD-WAN and Proof of Concept projects for a network of service points, food producers, aggregate producers and suppliers of health and safety materials.

    Why Grandmetric?

    Experience and know-how

    When transforming IT infrastructure, we use proven methods and solutions, thanks to which results appear faster. Our team consists of experienced Engineers who have completed various projects. This eliminates the risk of testing unstable solutions and allows us to transfer best practices between projects. Thanks to this, we deliver the desired results to our clients faster.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    Each project is managed by a Project Manager who feels comfortable in the technical environment. Its task is efficient implementation, both in terms of logistics, implementation and reporting. Thanks to this, we reduce the risk of project extension, and you have only one contact person who knows the business and technical context of the entire project. This saves a lot of time for our clients and ensures that all issues will be properly addressed.

    Fast delivery

    We know how big a risk to our customers is the long delivery time of equipment. That is why we have built our own warehouse of the most frequently purchased equipment. Thanks to this, customers can start projects faster, being sure that the delivery time will not affect the smoothness of implementation. We are also working on an application that will show each customer the content of the stack reserved for him.

    We say if we can't

    We are a team whose mission is to be honest with the customer. If, before or during the project, we encounter a challenge that we are unable to cope with, we immediately inform about it and together we look for a substitute solution.

    Competencies of system and software engineers

    Modern IT systems are increasingly using cloud solutions and integration between the cloud and on-premise systems. Knowledge of virtualization and cloud platforms as well as automation tools enables us to build completely new, closely matched and unavailable tools for our clients.

    Our own network lab

    Configuring devices without testing always carries the risk of incorrect operation. Therefore, before installation at the customer's, we map the environment in our Lab and thoroughly check the solution. Thanks to this, we know how the system will behave in production, and the installation itself runs more efficiently because it does not require numerous corrections at once. Similarly, we test new models of switches or routers before we start implementing them in production.

    Enterprise network design - team experience 

    The experience of our Engineers includes, among others, projects implemented in manufacturing companies, health care, Internet service providers and domestic telecommunications companies, such as Orange, Verizon, T-Systems, and among the world's largest suppliers, such as IBM or Cisco.

    Our design certifications

    Grandmetric certyfikaty
    • Cisco Certified Design CCDE 
    • CCNP 
    • CCDP 
    • IAUWS737 Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security #642-737 

    Partners in the design, transformation and migration of corporate networks

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    Projekty na Fortinet

    How do we design and implement enterprise networks?

    Free technical consultation

    Before we start the project, we will talk to you about your organization, its business and technological challenges. Understanding the context in which you are located will allow us to adapt the proposed solution to your realities. And it will allow you to meet our team and convince yourself that it is worth taking the next step together.

    What can you expect from the consultation?

    • You’ll have your project verified to see if it can be successfully carried out in your organization.
    • You’ll have potential threats and risks identified. We will find them and inform you about them.
    • You’ll get to know how we acted in similar projects and what results we achieved.

    Project planning and preparation

    Na koniec przygotowujemy zestawienie materiałów takich jak oprogramowanie, sprzęt oraz przygotowanie gotowości licencji. The next step is a good project plan that takes business requirements into account. This plan includes the collection of service descriptions and customer expectations, the “first drawing” of the High-Level Design and the estimation of the Engineers’ workload. Finally, we prepare a list of materials such as software, hardware and license readiness.

    What are we planning at the HLD stage?

    • Network topology
    • Selection of protocols and security solutions
    • Type and number of network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.)
    • Required licenses

    Network design

    After determining all the details, we start designing the network. The process begins with the preparation of a plan that includes the development of global addressing, verification of the availability of functions, and readiness for interoperability of systems and documentation. We will then prepare a Low-Level Design (LLD) with configuration details. After approval, we can proceed to the implementation phase.

    What are we planning for the LLD stage?

    • Device-to-device communication details
    • Hardware and license configurations
    • Network addressing and segmentation


    The implementation phase consists in creating a previously designed LAN, WLAN, WAN network or their combination.

    At this stage, Implementation Engineers configure, code and integrate the project in the allotted time. The biggest challenge during the implementation is coordinating the operation of all network components and solving problems related to implementation work.

    What can you expect at the implementation stage?

    • Your hardware will be pre-configured in our network lab.
    • Implementation engineers will implement the solution, reacting to any difficulties.
    • We will prepare post-implementation documentation and provide you with the necessary knowledge.
    • We can also train your IT team on selected issues related to network design and security.

    Are you wondering how best to approach network design or transformation in your organization?

    Take advantage of a free Grandmetric consultation

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