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  • SD-WAN as a Service

    Managed SD-WAN

    SD-WAN as a new approach to building WAN networks allows using the potential and throughput of resources in order to provide excellent connectivity in remote environments such as organizations with multiple locations or distributed application environments using the multi-cloud convention.

    The software-defined abstraction layer offered by SD-WAN can be used as a response to the growing complexity of IT infrastructure. Due to the adaptation of a growing number of applications as well as because of the large scale of cloud migrations, optimal and efficient SD-WAN implementations have become a challenge for overloaded IT specialists.

    quote Grandmetric

    Grandmetric, as one of a handful of companies in Poland, received the prestigious status of Cisco Service Provider in the area of SD-WAN technology.

    Marcin Biały, Member of the Board, Grandmetric

    Managed SD-WAN, also known as SD-WAN as a Service, means the full potential of SD-WAN thanks to the infrastructure of an external, certified provider who arranges hardware, configuration, network management as well as the demanded SLA under one service. Such an approach takes the workload from own IT teams making it possible to implement SD-WAN in the impressive time of a few hours instead of weeks. What’s not less important, it also moves the responsibility for the network quality to the external provider and guarantees a given level of SLA.

    Grandmetric holds Select Provider certification from Cisco

    Managed SD-WAN is a solution for organizations being challenged with:

    • Maintaining multiple devices and applications
    • Challenges of multi-cloud architecture
    • The need to provide high throughput combined with the high quality of video connections and streaming
    • The demand to maintain and monitor the quality of communication
    • The urgency to steer the network traffic to provide given throughput and quality for critical applications and services
    • Scarcity of resources or high overload of own IT specialists
    • Lack of relevant competencies to implement SD-WAN
    • Lack of CAPEX budget for investment in own SD-WAN devices
    SD-WAN link cost opptimization

    Business benefits of SD-WAN as a Service

    Full SD-WAN functionality

    Fully configured SD-WAN with a rich catalogue of integrated benefits including security and efficient utilization of all accessible trunks.

    One service fee

    Ease of accounting due to combining multiple services (design, implementation, management, optimization) and the cost of equipment under one flat service fee.

    Efficient implementation

    Provider’s infrastructure allows to set up of a ready-to-use WAN with automated device provisioning.

    Lack of internal costs

    Cost optimization through moving the cost centre outside of the organization to an SD-WAN service provider, and through eliminating the need to build and maintain your own WAN maintenance team.

    Up and running 24/7/365

    Based on automation and built with regard to the best engineering practices, it allows for keeping a constant quality level and a quick and proactive reaction to upcoming problems.

    SD-WAN experts

    Practical knowledge coming from tens of successful SD-WAN implementations and management projects.

    High efficiency

    Packets routing based on QoE (Quality of Experience) – measuring the quality of the entire route, from the source to the destination, and choosing such a transport route that keeps the expected service level.

    The business value of SD-WAN and more

    A high level of savings comes from migration to SD-WAN, including a 94% lower downtime and 65% lower connection costs, also when one uses the Managed SD-WAN model.

    quote Grandmetric

    Due to the lack of agility, managed WAN services struggle to meet the needs of an increasing business pace. I&O leaders with responsibility for managed WAN services should use emerging managed SD-WAN services to improve agility, recognizing that not all service aspects can improve via SD-WAN alone

    Gartner, Four Best Practices to Maximize Benefits of Managed SD-WAN Services

    What do we provide as Cisco SD-WAN Managed Service Provider?

    • We help you understand the technology.
    • We prepare the Proof of Concept (SD-WAN pilot) using Grandmetric’s professional lab.
    • If you decide on SD-WAN, we’ll design the entire migration plan and will provide professional project management.
    • We will configure and migrate WAN to SD-WAN, making sure the migration does not affect your business continuity.
    • We will manage your SD-WAN on a daily basis using the competencies of the Grandmetric Managed Services team.
    • We guarantee professional service from a certified provider holding a Cisco Managed SD-WAN Service Provider title.

    Planning to improve the quality and security of connections in your organization without the need to pay higher IT bills?

    Get in touch with our engineering team to know more about Managed SD-WAN.

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