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  • IT security in your company

    Audits, penetrations tests, and training for IT departments and users

    Network, data, and systems security 

    IT security is an area of strategic importance for the functioning of enterprises. We handle it comprehensively, ensuring the security of data, infrastructure and users.

    We provide services to small, medium and large companies from every industry – currently, in all sectors of the economy, data and IT equipment are of key importance for development and building a competitive advantage.

    Our goal is to implement solutions that effectively and comprehensively protect IT resources against uncontrolled loss, theft or destruction due to hardware failure. We also help public institutions and other organizations that want to professionally and effectively take care of their safety.


    IT security at the highest level

    How is the cooperation going? The first stage is to get to know your needs and requirements, and thus – the specifics of your organization. Based on the interview and the analyzes carried out, we can offer appropriately selected services that will optimally improve the security of IT equipment, software, network connections and procedures. Our offer includes e.g. IT audits, as part of which we perform comprehensive analytical activities covering the digital resources of enterprises, institutions and other organizations.

    Based on the results of the audit, we find gaps, errors and other omissions in the field of IT security, and then we indicate solutions, the implementation of which enables the removal of negligence. We perform detailed tests confirming the effective elimination of previously detected irregularities and thus strengthening the protection of IT resources against:

    • theft,
    • malfunction,
    • destruction,
    • loss for any other reason.

    Effective protection of IT hardware and software

    In addition to services, we also offer deliveries and assistance in the selection of equipment. By getting to know your requirements, we will suggest which devices and software will be the optimal choice and will effectively improve the IT security of your business. We provide high-quality equipment, which we connect and configure if necessary.

    We offer constant care as part of continuous cooperation, thanks to which you can be sure that the hardware and software meet the most current standards of protection against cyber threats – and these change quite often. Our task is to guarantee the consistency, durability and reliability of IT resources in order to minimize the risk of undesirable events. And these may result from both the actions of cybercriminals and human errors in the field of IT security made by employees operating systems and applications while performing their professional duties.

    How do we take care of our customers’ IT security? 

    When it comes to cybersecurity, we never compromise, but we put into practice the idea of Zero Trust or the principle of limited trust in the traffic inside your network.   

    We have helped ensure IT security for some of the largest national and international players in the e-commerce, manufacturing, and renewable energy industry.  

    Cybersecurity services at Grandmetric  

    Audits of IT infrastructure, websites, and mobile applications 

    How secure are your network devices, servers, and other infrastructure components? Security audits enable us to detect vulnerabilities and bugs threatening your IT systems, websites, and mobile applications.  

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    sensitive data protection

    Black box, gray box, and white box penetration tests 

    How about a controlled hacking attack with a range of advanced tools and methods? This allows us to see how your company might respond to a real cyberattack. 

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    Hardware configuration

    Security solutions with configuration

    Grandmetric is a supplier of security equipment of proven brands. In our activities, we are guided by the idea of Zero Trust Security – do not trust anyone, check everything.

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    security compliance

    Security Compliance services 

    Regulations and standards change frequently, as do threats and vulnerabilities. We monitor the compliance of systems, devices, and networks with regulatory requirements and cybersecurity standards. Developed security policies assert the integrity of your company’s IT systems.  

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    Trainings for Engineers

    Training for IT professionals and users 

    Some of our most common training courses for engineers include Cisco Firepower Online Training, Enterprise VPN. Design, Build & Operate, Securing Network Access with Cisco ISE Training, Cisco ASA & ASA FirePOWER Services Bootcamp. We also create dedicated training courses, e.g. on social engineering techniques.  

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    According to estimates by Steve Morgan, editor-in-chief of Cybercrime Magazine, by 2025, global cybercrime will require $10.5 trillion (!) in damage repair.  

    There are many factors contributing to these costs, which are increasing year on year – loss or destruction of data, disruption to businesses, theft of money or intellectual property, criminal investigations, restoring or removing compromised data and systems, and loss of customer confidence.   

    All the evidence suggests that prevention is by far the most worthwhile. If we want to safeguard our cybersecurity, prevention is better than cure

    What do we protect? 

    It data and know-how

    Data protection

    • Databases  
    • Data access  
    • Backups  
    • Applications  
    • Websites 
    sensitive data protection

    IT Infrastructure

    • Network equipment  
    • LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi access 
    • Remote and physical locations  
    • Terminal equipment  
    employee protection


    • Access systems  
    • DNS  
    • Email systems  
    • Training

    Why Grandmetric? 


    We have a specialized Security department (which is part of Advanced Services) and our experts have been involved in IT security for more than a dozen years.   


    We take a comprehensive approach to security. We specialize in penetration testing, using automated testing as well as meticulous manual testing.  


    We are constantly updating our knowledge of the entire IT infrastructure and the latest developments in this area. We have prestigious certifications to prove our competence – and we are still gaining new ones.  

    Our certifications

  • ASAM62 Advanced Security for Ams (#646-562)  
  • CCIES018 CCIE Security Exam #350-018  
  • CCS-SIMI CCS – Security Identity Management Implementation  
  • IAUWS737 Implementing Adv Cisco Unified Wireless Security #642-737
  • Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer 
  • Technology partners  

    We supply hardware and software from the world’s best manufacturers – Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Forcepoint.   

    Technology partners recognize our expertise – we were awarded the Cisco Innovation Partner award in 2021.  

    Wondering which cybersecurity services will be right for your organization? 

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      MArcin Biały Grandmetric

      “Once we have identified your situation, we will assign an engineer who, during a free consultation, will advise you on what you can do to enhance security in the area of interest.”

      Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect | Board Member at Grandmetric

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