Cisco ISE Post installation tasks verification

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Cisco ISE Post installation tasks verification

After the Cisco ISE installation process is done it is time to go into post-installation tasks verification process. They are few handy, time and issue saver things that should be done before configuration.


  • When you first login, check the ISE version and apply appropriate patches if needed.

Cisco ISE GUI 2.1


  • Disable admin password expiration default setting. From experience this is 90% mistakes of people starting journey with Cisco ISE. The admin password automatically expires after 45 days and this is confusing for many admins.

Administration – System – Admin Access – Password Policy:

Cisco ISE admin pass expiered


  • Licenses verification. If your product is designated for production check the licensing you have bought from the Cisco Partner, activate licensing PAKs, install .lic files and verify the status. If your production is PoC or test remember that ISE has installed full evaluation license pack of Base, Plus and Apex licenses for 3 months starting from installation.

Administration – System – Licensing:

Cisco ISE licensing page

Author: Marcin Bialy