NHRP: VRRP config (Huawei)

Design & Configure

NHRP: VRRP config (Huawei)

Technology: Routing
Area: NHRP
Vendor: Huawei
Software: eNSP
Platform: Routing Platforms

The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) groups multiple routing devices into a virtual router and uses the virtual gateway device’s IP address as the default gateway address. When the gateway fails, VRRP selects a new gateway to transmit service traffic to ensure reliable communication.


To configure VRRP, use the following command:

<HuaweiI> system-view
[Huawei] interface GigabitEtherent 0/0/1
[Huawei- interface GigabitEtherent 0/0/1]undo portswitch
[Huawei-interface GigabitEtherent 0/0/1]vrrp vrid 10 virtual-ip
[Huawei-interface GigabitEtherent 0/0/1]vrrp vrid 10 priority 120 
[Huawei-interface GigabitEtherent 0/0/1]vrrp vrid 10 preempt-mode timer delay 20 
[Huawei- interface GigabitEtherent 0/0/1] quit

Author: Marcin Bialy