Cisco ASA: Password recovery

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Cisco ASA: Password recovery

Technology: Network Security
Area: Firewalls
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 8.X, 9.X
Platform: Cisco ASA

To recover ASA password or just erase old config if password is not known:

  • Connect to the ASA console port
  • Power off the ASA, and then power it on.
  • After startup, press the Escape key when you are prompted to enter ROMMON
  • To update the configuration register value,

Enter the following command:

rommon #1> confreg 0x41


To boot with fresh config:

rommon #2> boot


TIP: you can use clear configure commands set to quickly clear part of ASA configuration. Example of clearing the names:

ASA#conf t
ASA(config)#clear configure name


Author: Marcin Bialy