RIP Redistribution

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RIP Redistribution

Technology: Routing
Area: IGP
Title: RIP Redistribution
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 12.X , 15.X, IP Base, IP Services, LAN Base, LAN Light
Platform: Catalyst 3560, 3750, 3850 with routing fetureset, ISR Routers, ASR Routers

RIP Redistribution is a process which allows exchanging routing information between different routing processes or from static information to routing process. Redistribution is configured on border routers which have more than one routing process enabled.

To redistribute prefixes to RIP enter routing configuration:

Router(config)#router rip

To redistribute connected:
Router(config-router)#redistribute connected

To redistribute static information:
Router(config-router)#redistribute static


Author: Marcin Bialy