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EIGRP: 3. Redistribution

Design & Configure

EIGRP: 3. Redistribution

Technology: Routing
Area: IGP
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 12.X , 15.X, IP Base, IP Services
Platform: Catalyst 3560, 3750, 3850, 4500, 6500, ISR Routers

EIGRP Redistribution is a process which allows exchanging routing information between different routing processes or from static information to routing process. Redistribution is configured on border routers which have more than one routing process enabled. Following configuration shows the redistribution information into EIGRP from other routing protocols:

First, get into the routing process configuration:

Router(config)#router eigrp 100

Redistribution from OSPF (process 1)

Router(config-router)#redistribute ospf 1

To redistribute static routing information

Router(config-router)#redistribute static

To redistribute connected networks

Router(config-router)#redistribute connected

There is an option to tune the metric that will be calculated with redistributed updates. The K-values meaning is as follows:

  • Bandwidth – K1
  • Load – K2
  • Delay – K3
  • Reliability – K4
  • MTU – K5

Default values are:

Router#sh ip protocols | i K
Metric weight K1=1, K2=0, K3=1, K4=0, K5=0

So the meaning of the K-values in redistribute command is not in logical order so be careful:

Router(config-router)#redistribute static metric K1 K3 K4 K2 K5

Author: Marcin Bialy