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  • Endpoint security – the first line of protection

    Equipment such as computers, mobile devices, printers and servers are the most vulnerable elements of a company network. They all have two common features - they are connected to the Internet and directly operated by humans.

    Suspicious links, inappropriate websites, file downloads, and spoofing of trusted sites are just some of the potential sources of threats. Most of them are designed to bypass traditional antiviruses. So how to deal with them and ensure the appropriate level of protection?

    What is Endpoint security?

    Endpoint security solutions help protect your organization’s critical systems and data from leaks by securing devices for every possible eventuality. For this purpose, they use multi-stage authorization, encryption, access control, threat detection and independent response. The latter, in addition to the ubiquitous wide automation, increasingly uses elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence to fight threats even faster and more effectively. Additionally, all connected devices can be monitored and managed centrally by administrators.

    EDR solutions

    Types of endpoint protection software

    Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

    is an integrated solution that focuses primarily on threat prevention. Most often, they include advanced firewall, device and port protection, and anti-malware protection. Detects threats before they enter the system.

    Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

    if unwanted elements have penetrated the main security measures, EDR focuses on quickly isolating and eliminating them. Once the danger has been averted, it is possible to accurately trace the incident, detect vulnerabilities and prevent further incidents.

    Extended Detection Response (XDR)

    is an extended and more technologically advanced version of EDR that enables effective operation in a cloud environment, and its complexity allows to reduce the number of separate protection tools.

    PaloAlto Coretx XDR Dashboard

    Mobile Detection Response (MDR)

    software dedicated to mobile devices that provides excellent visibility and safety with the least possible load on the equipment.

    Server protection

    internal protection tools that ensure the security of the company’s critical infrastructure.

    Why implement endpoint protection?

    Cybersecurity systems are needed by every organization that wants to protect its resources and data and is aware of the threats.

    Endpoint security primarily supports IT departments in creating security policies and enforcing them automatically.

    Remote Work

    Thanks to EDR systems, employees can safely connect to the company network, and their devices are secured and constantly monitored for security

    BYOD model

    EDR protects end devices, even when employees use their equipment for business purposes.

    Shadow IT

    If employees install unauthorized software on company equipment, EDR will help deal with this threat.

    Risk under control

    Protection of critical company resources is the most important advantage of endpoint security solutions. However, their implementation also helps to achieve benefits in other fields:

    • Adaptation to safety certificates and legal requirements
    • Attack prevention
    • Visibility of all devices on the network and the ability to automatically or manually respond to a problem
    • Simple management and time savings for security teams
    • Easier risk assessment in the organization
    • Support in creating a security policy
    • It helps conclude event analysis
    • Protection tailored to your needs (how to adjust)

    Our trusted EDR/XDR choices

    As a partner of leading producers of protection systems, we have tested many solutions in the field of cybersecurity, collected opinions, listened to our customers' assessments and verified their use in practice.

    Based on experience, we have collected those that, according to our specialists, work best in specific situations.

    Cisco Secure Endpoint/XDR (former Cisco AMP for Endpoints)

    Cisco, as a cybersecurity leader, provides solutions dedicated to large and medium-sized companies. The software is based on, among others: features such as responses based on risk assessment, learning behavioral patterns or proactive threat elimination based on the MITER ATT&CK framework.

    Compare Cisco Secure Endpoint with other solutions

    Source: Cisco

    Cisco Umbrella

    one of the features of this multi-purpose security system is the ability to function as an EPP platform. It allows, among others: to use machine learning to quickly detect threats in files or sandboxing for isolation.

    See how Umbrella detected over 3,300 unsecured connections to the client’s network in 24 hours

    Cisco Umbrella EPP dashboard.

    Source: Cisco

    Sophos EDR/XDR

    simplicity makes it possible to allow the use of the Sophos solution not only by security specialists but also by less advanced IT administrators. It allows you to thoroughly review the event history and check application activities up to 90 days ago.

    Sophos intercept

    Sophos Intercept X

    Paloalto EDR/XDR

    an easy-to-implement protection system that allows you to quickly detect and eliminate threats. However, its real advantage is its transparency, which allows you to track down security vulnerabilities in a very short time.

    PaloAlto Cortex XDR

    Expert knowledge in protecting your network

    At Grandmetric, we approach the protection of our clients' networks by paying great attention to individual elements, but also by looking at it holistically - as one environment that should be optimized, consistent and functional. We not only protect but also design networks from scratch. Thanks to this, we can detect vulnerabilities where no one expects them.

    it integration process delivery

    We will support you throughout the entire project cycle – from network and security design, through efficient solution delivery and professional implementation under the supervision of a project manager.

    We want the implementation to be effective and efficient, allowing you to focus on what’s important – the development and success of your organization.

    Check which EDR solution will be best for your company

    Our experts have years of experience in implementing cybersecurity systems, auditing them and providing technology consulting.

    Fill in the form and discuss your endpoint security options with our engineers.

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