RIP Basic config

Design & Configure

RIP Basic config

Technology: Routing
Area: IGP
Vendor: Cisco
Software: 12.X , 15.X
Platform: 3560,2750,3850,4500,6500,6800, ISR Routers, ASR Routers

Routing Information Protocol enables the network information exchange between the routing devices. RIP version 2 has ability to exchange the VLSM prefixes contrary to RIP version 1 which exchange only summary routes. RIP is vendor independent protocol so that can be enabled on vendor-mixed infrastructures. RIP has scaling limitation of 15 hops at most. To set up RIP basic config, define the process, version and range of interfaces (in the form of IP addressing) on which RIP will be enabled:

Router(config) router rip
Router(config-router) version 2
Router(config-router) network
Router(config-router) no auto-summary

Author: Marcin Bialy