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Wireless Network Design

Wireless Network Design

Optimized, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network is a challenge for almost every IT department. This is mainly because of a growing number of devices fitted with a wireless interface, and a reliable and high-performance wireless infrastructure required by businesses.  


The basis of our enterprise-class Wi-Fi network projects is Site Survey or an inspection that we carry out on-site or – where appropriate – in Ekahau-type propagation simulators, by conducting the so-called Predictive Survey. Then, depending on the type of project, we focus on proper planning, configuration or modification of radio parameters, and solving problems with wireless connectivity or guest access issues. We also provide consulting services in terms of the access point and wireless network controller selection, placing emphasis on the security of Wi-Fi network access and intuitive monitoring.  

meraki network design case study by Grandmetric

Professional WLAN Network Design  

wireless network audits by Grandmetric

Wireless Network Audit 

We often encounter Wi-Fi networks that do not work as intended. The signal gets lost when employees move around the office. The connection breaks, which makes it impossible for the workers to connect from the cafeteria, a small meeting room or shared spaces. Most of these troublesome issues can be rectified by learning about their causes. This is the purpose of a wireless network audit. 

During the audit:

  • We will verify, whether the access points are optimally located 
  • We will calculate the number of APs that your network should have 
  • We will verify your wireless device configurations, including channel settings, and radio signal strength, and we will check antenna properties 
  • We will prepare a list of recommendations to implement 
wifi network design by Grandmetric

Wi-Fi Network Design 

When designing enterprise-class wireless networks, we pay attention to a range of business requirements. We put a particular focus on secure access, reliable work and seamless switching of devices between the access points. In each case, we consider user and terminal concentration.

We make designs that include: 

  • The kind of building and its purpose (e.g. a high storage warehouse, an office building, an outside space) 
  • The number of users and traffic 
  • The concentration and layout of endpoints 
  • Spots with the rapid growth of user count 
  • The fact that workers bring their own phones and laptops to work 
  • Secure guest access based on a captive portal or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mechanisms
guest access configuration by Grandmetric

Guest Access Configuration 

A frequently asked question during deployment and customer talks is as follows: “How to ensure safe and user-friendly access for guests that come to our organization?”   

When selecting the right solution, we follow already-developed design practices and security standards. At that we also answer the following questions: 

  • Should guest traffic be isolated from the traffic generated by the rest of the workers?  
  • Where should URL Redirect to?  
  • How can a guest access our network? By accepting the rules? Using a voucher given at the front desk? By registering their data in a guest base? By receiving a one-use SMS password? By authenticating in a third-party service, such as Facebook or Google? There is a plethora of methods. We help you tailor the right one to your requirements. 
  • For how long should the access be granted? 
  • Should guest access be enabled only within the Wi-Fi network, or in the wired network as well?  
WiFi hardware selection by Grandmetric

Wi-Fi Hardware Selection 

Our engineers have expertise in wireless network design and implementation, which is why they are so knowledgeable on the issues that you face. We will help you select the right hardware and fit it with an optimal set of licenses. We will also take care of the hardware order and timely delivery. And if you wish, we will deploy your wireless network and ensure its security. 

wlan monitoring by Grandmetric

WLAN Monitoring 

We manage the network infrastructure of our customers as part of our Managed Services framework. We can count as many as tens of thousands of managed wireless devices, as well as thousands of network devices. With our keen eye on your network, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on the development of your infrastructure and services. 

Why Grandmetric?   

Experience & Know-How  

Our team is comprised of seasoned engineers, who have completed various types of projects. This reduces the risk of testing unstable solutions for manufacturing and lets us transfer the best practices from one project to another. With that, we are able to deliver the desired results quicker. 

Dedicated Project Manager  

The task of this person is to effectively implement the project, both on the logistics, deployment, and reporting front. This helps us reduce the risk of extending the lead time. For you, this means saving time and having confidence that all issues will be adequately addressed. 

Hardware Sooner Than From the Competition  

We know how much of a risk can a long hardware delivery time pose to you. That’s why we’ve built our own warehouse for our best-selling hardware. This allows you to start projects sooner with confidence that the delivery time will not impact the smooth project implementation.

Proprietary Network Lab  

Before installation at the customer’s site, we reproduce the environment in our lab and meticulously test our solution. This lets us know how the system will behave in production, and the installation itself will go more smoothly.

We Will Tell You If Something “Can’t Be Done”  

We are a team with the mission of being honest with our customers. If we encounter an insurmountable challenge before starting a project or during its implementation, we will let you know immediately and we will look for a replacement solution with you.

Enterprise Network Design – An Experienced Team 

Our engineers have experience in projects for manufacturing enterprises, health care, Internet service providers and national Telecom companies, among others. We’ve worked with businesses, like Orange, Verizon, T-Systems and top global suppliers, such as IBM and Cisco.  

Our Certifications  

Grandmetric certifications
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert CCIE  
  • CCNP  
  • CCDP  
  • IAUWS737 Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security #642-737 

Our Partners in Design, Transformation and Wireless Network Migration

Cisco Premier Partner
aruba partner
fortinet partner
ekahau partner
extreme networks partner

How Do We Design & Implement Wireless Networks?  

free technical consultancy by Grandmetric

Technical Consultancy Free of Charge 

Understanding the context that you’re in helps us tailor our proposed solution to the realities of your organization. For you, it means getting to know our team and finding out why taking the next step with us is a good idea.  

What Can You Expect From Consultations?  

  • You will verify, whether the project that you’re planning can be successfully implemented in your organization. 
  • We will identify potential threats and risks, and we’ll let you know of any of them.  
  • We’ll tell you how we handled similar projects in the past, and what were our achievements. 

Site Survey 

During a site survey, we’ll visit the locations of your company, test the performance and verify the spots for the access points, as well as the method of their installation and configuration. Based on the recognized irregularities, we’ll draw up a report with suggested corrective measures. 

For new WLAN networks, Site Survey or Predictive Planning helps us pinpoint optimal spots for the access point layout and provide you with guidelines for the types of proposed antennas.

site survey by Grandmetric
preparation of WiFi project by Grandmetric

Project Planning & Preparation  

A good project plan includes your business requirements, intended services and an estimate of the engineering workload. Before an LLD design, we make a draft of a high-level solution or HLD. 

What Is Planned at This Stage?  

  • Quality requirements, number of devices and network capacity
  • Network topology  
  • Protocol and safety measure selection   
  • Types and number of devices (access points, wireless network controllers) 
  • Required licenses 


The process starts with drawing up a configuration plan, and upon approval, we can proceed to the deployment phase.  

What Is Planned at This Stage?  

  • Network addressing, system infrastructure (certificates, domain controllers, naming convention) 
  • Details of inter-device communications 
  • Hardware and license configuration
WiFi network design by Grandmetric
deployment of the network by Grandmetric


The deployment phase involves the execution of the pre-planned wireless network. 

What Can You Expect From the Deployment Stage?  

  • We will preconfigure your hardware in our network lab.  
  • Our deployment engineers will implement our solution and respond to any difficulties.

We will be with you during start-up or migration, solving any emerging problems on the fly 

Figuring out how to best approach transformation or construction of a wireless network in your organization?

Book free consultancy from Grandmetric.  

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    Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect & Board Member, Grandmetric

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