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Case studies

Chosen projects and implementations

Site survey of wireless network in a global eCommerce

Our client was faced with poor Wi-Fi quality in three offices located in different European cities.  Network problems manifested in low throughput, cutting connections, and low quality of video calls. Thanks to our recommendations after the audit, our client’s network gained back its efficiency, and the users – comfort of using company Wi-Fi.

Migration of IP and PSTN interconnections to a global operator

When lack of standards in voice communication causes excessive costs of infrastructure maintenance and, as result, blocks its development, migration of VoIP and PSTN interconnections towards a global SIP operator is in fact a step towards the digital transformation of the entire organization.  

Our goal was to prepare for the migration of voice services to one, the global operator providing local PSTN interconnections. We also combined Microsoft Teams, Cisco Voice, and Session Border Controllers (SBC) into one, scalable structure. 

First implementation of Cisco SD-WAN in Europe

When the efficiency of the company’s applications and employees rely on network connectivity in their professional activities, a reliable and fast network between the company’s locations is fundamental for each organization.

Now, WAN and Internet links in each location are 5 to 10 times faster than before the migration to SD-WAN. This increase in available bandwidth is inversely proportional to links’ cost, which has decreased by around 40%., says Marcin Jaźwiec, IT Manager of Pfeifer and Langen Poland