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    Understanding security audit report

    The security of any organization depends on its weakest point. It’s not always a matter of internet connection or poor devices. There are many ways to get into an organization, including physically or using social engineering. It is important to check security, train employees and improve barriers regularly. A security audit report is the right […]

    Date: 06.06.2024


    Draft amendment to the Act on the National Cybersecurity System. What awaits us?

    Online threats are developing at an equally dizzying pace as other technologies. Now, in the face of the unstable geopolitical situation – probably even faster. Legislative changes must keep pace with them, allowing for a minimum level of protection and, at least to a basic extent, ensuring strategic security, the well-being of recipients and the […]

    Date: 03.06.2024


    Wi-Fi 7 vs Wi-Fi 6

    The world is moving at such a pace that while one technology has not yet fully settled in the market, it is already being replaced by another. This is about the new wireless connection standard, Wi-Fi 7, which is set to gain a new version in the spring of 2024. Does another number in the […]

    Date: 06.03.2024

    Meraki management for Catalyst 9300 

    In today’s article, we will focus on Meraki management for Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches in Cloud Management model migration. Let’s see if the process itself goes as smoothly as it did with the Catalyst 9200 switch. I have a model with software upgraded to version 17.12.01, the latest as of the date of this article.  […]

    Date: 31.08.2023


    Green IT. 5 ways to save money on your IT infrastructure

    Green IT, or green solutions are primarily associated with large financial outlays. Does it really have to be that way? Can green mean cheaper? Discover ways to reduce your company’s operating costs while helping you meet the demands of green IT. Lower energy bills appeal especially to those who, in the current macroeconomic situation, are […]

    Date: 16.08.2023


    ESG explained. What is it and what does it mean for the company?

    In the dynamically developing world of business, companies pay more and more attention to social and environmental responsibility. In this context, ESG is becoming a key element of the strategy and success of an increasing number of enterprises. Establishment and basic goals of ESG Every year, social awareness of the role of business in shaping […]

    Date: 06.07.2023


    NIS2 – what is it and when is it valid?

    At the beginning of 2023, the EU NIS2 directive entered into force, introducing further changes in the field of cybersecurity. What do the new regulations mean for companies and which entities will have to meet additional cyber security requirements in connection with the update of the NIS regulations in force in Poland from 2018? We […]

    Date: 12.06.2023


    New IT solutions for business Grandmetric 2023 offering  

    Our refreshed offerings are all about empowering small and medium companies to compete in today’s digital landscape. So if you’re looking for the right partners and solutions to help you take your business to the next level, look no further than our IT integrator.

    Date: 31.05.2023

    Manage Cisco APs from the Meraki cloud

    Migration from on-premise environment to Meraki dashboard The new Cisco CW916X series of access points currently includes the CW9162, CW9164 and CW9166 models. It is revolutionary not only because it introduces Wi-Fi 6E technology in the segment of devices for business of various scales, but because CW9166 are equivalent to 9130AXI. It turns out that […]

    Date: 28.05.2023

    Wi-Fi 6 vs Wi-Fi 6E – what’s new in enterprise wireless? 

    The IEEE 802.11ax standard, widely known as Wi-Fi 6, has been with us since 2019. Not long after, first wireless devices have been launched by vendors on the global market. But as with every technology, time has to pass before businesses gain the option to choose from a rich portfolio of competitive devices that use […]

    Date: 15.05.2023

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