Rommon upgrade via FTP (Cisco)

Design & Configure

Rommon upgrade via FTP (Cisco)

Start from verifying the current version of ROMMON. It is done with the show module command, and is listed under “Fw Version”

  1. Download the desired ROMMON image from official Cisco website and put it on a device which will act as a server for the FTP transfer.
  2. Upload the ROMMON image to the ASA flash memory with the following command:
copy ftp://[ip address of the server]/asa5508-firmware-xxxx.SPA flash0:asa5508-firmware-xxxx.SPA
  1. Upgrade the ROMMON image using the command below:
upgrade rommon flash0:asa5508-firmware-xxxx.SPA
  1. During the process of the ROMMON upgrade ASA will have to be restarted. When the question about the restart will be asked – confirm the restart.
  2. Verify that the ROMMON is successfully upgraded by issuing the command used at the beginning:
show module


Author: Jaroslaw Banakh