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  • Video Conferences Without Distractions - Equipment for Businesses

    Business Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing sets are today an essential tool for running a business. With the spread of videoconferencing as a form of communication, users’ technical and quality expectations have also increased.

    From small team meetings, and quick status updates to board meetings, votes, and work on strategic topics. Today, how we present ourselves to our interlocutors affects the assessment of our professionalism.

    Although in many cases a built-in laptop camera and microphone may suffice, more advanced solutions are needed for meetings in larger groups, votes, or board meetings.

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    What do video conferencing sets consist of?

    Stable internet connection

    The quality of sound and image as well as the ability to transfer files and interact with participants depend on it. In addition to the appropriate signal, it is also worth taking care of security, encryption and access management.

    Dedicated room

    Another issue is a room suitable for videoconferencing. This room should be properly lit, soundproofed and provide a good background for conversation.

    Appropriate sound system

    Both speakers and microphones should transmit the interlocutors' voices well without generating additional noise. Depending on your preferences, you can use an all-in-one device or choose individual microphones and a sound system for the entire room.

    Smart camera

    A single camera located at the top of the table should cover the entire room and provide good quality images. More advanced models allow voice tracking and zooming in on the person speaking.

    Interactive screens and systems

    We can choose one large screen or smaller devices for each meeting participant. Some companies offer touch boards that allow you to draw and make changes to the presented content in real time. For meetings requiring voting, buttons designed for this purpose will also be a good addition.

    How to compare videoconferencing sets?

    After 2020, the market has been flooded with modern video conferencing solutions. Apps, platforms, and interactive monitors have appeared.

    With the return to offices and an increased percentage of remote workers, companies are opting for convenient and secure video conferencing solutions that allow effective collaboration within teams and with clients.

    If you have any doubts or want to rely on proven solutions, at Grandmetric we provide support and expert knowledge. We will examine your needs and select appropriate devices.

    But how to choose hardware and software that meets expectations and is not excessively expensive? First, it is worth considering the basic issues.

    Ensure the chosen room has a stable internet connection that can handle audio and video transmission.

    Provide a comfortable space for all participants and ensure they can sit in a way that is covered by the camera’s view.

    Plan the maximum number of people and consider whether individual equipment is needed for them.

    Does each speaker need a microphone, or is it possible to use one that collects sound from the entire room?

    Think about how the content will be presented. The method should be comfortable for the presenter and at the same time not obstruct the view of the interlocutors.

    Consider the nature of the meetings and whether additional solutions like voting buttons or interactive screens are needed.

    Ensure the software you use is compatible with the planned hardware. Whether you use Teams, Zoom, or Google Hangouts will appropriately broaden or narrow the choice of available solutions.

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    One of the most important issues. Ensure simplicity or designate people who can handle the technical side of the meeting.

    both software and hardware should meet the highest standards in the field of security and comply with the company’s policy.

    Video conferencing sets shortlisted

    We strive to ensure that the devices we propose come from trusted sources and are of high quality, therefore we cooperate with many suppliers. This allows us to choose the best for our clients.

    Cisco Board / Webex Board

    This is a versatile virtual platform designed for remote teams and video conferences for organizations of any size.

    A flexible pricing plan will allow it to be tailored to the needs of a small team or a conference of thousands. Additionally, you can test it for free.

    Key technical parameters of Cisco Webex:

    • 55 and 75-inch screens
    • UltraHD touchscreen
    • Dual 4K camera
    • Built-in microphone array and speakers
    • Wall mounting or stand on wheels
    • Easy integration with the room and devices
    • Rich offering of integrated accessories
    konferencje microsoft teams
    wideokonferencje webex
    wideokonferencje zoom
    wideokonferencje google meet

    Quality and stability are just one aspect of Webex. The solution offers numerous additional features such as real-time translation and transcription, interactive polls, voting, Q&A, and an automatic assistant that supports note-taking and work time optimization.

    For administrators and organizers, this presents a great opportunity to simplify meeting management through real-time monitoring of features such as device type, user information, or advanced analytics.

    Beyond great devices and communication tools, Cisco is at the forefront of manufacturers of software and hardware for network security, so choosing solutions from this provider, we can be sure that the likelihood of unauthorized access is minimal.

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    Source: Cisco

    Poly C60 Series

    This is the definition of simplicity and effectiveness for versatile conferencing devices.

    Compatible with nearly all of the most popular platforms, Poly 60 gives you an intuitive operation to start a meeting with just one click. It also connects effortlessly with screens, and the keyboard facilitates the smooth progress of the meeting.

    The Poly C60 features a built-in touchscreen, advanced microphone and speaker providing clear call quality, and USB ports for connecting additional devices.

    If that’s not enough, the manufacturer offers a complete package of extensions such as additional microphones or software for managing a larger number of devices.

    Poly C60 video conferencing

    Source: Poly

    Neat Video conferencing

    Neat is difficult to describe as separate devices. It’s an entire conference ecosystem along with software and panels that automate the way meetings are conducted.

    Neat Board is an interactive board, a screen on which magic can happen. Markers enable highlighting and drawing on the screen, taking notes, or extending the presentation format. The LED screen, built-in camera, and audio devices do not require an additional computer or monitor to function.

    Key Technical Parameters of Neat Board:

    • 65-inch screen
    • 4K multi-touch LED
    • 4x digital zoom (8x optionally)
    • Wide-angle camera with 120-degree FOV
    • Array with 5 microphones
    • 12 MP camera resolution
    • Air quality sensors
    • Wireless connectivity

    Neat Board

    Source: Neat

    Neat Bar serves as both a camera, sound system, high-quality microphones, and a specially designed pad, allowing for the control of applications and meeting functions.

    Its simplicity and ease of setup mean that an IT department isn’t necessary to carry out its configuration. A screen will be needed to fully utilize its potential.

    Key Technical Parameters

    Neat Bar

    • Wide-angle camera with 120-degree FOV
    • 12 MP camera resolution
    • 4x digital zoom (8x optionally)
    • Array with 5 microphones
    • Sensors for light, direction orientation, and air quality

    Neat Pad

    • 8-inch screen
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Wireless sharing
    • Direction orientation sensor, light sensor, air quality sensor
    • PoE support

    The whole system, integrated with Neat software, automatically detects presence in the room and activates the necessary functions to start work. It’s not just simplicity, but also professionalism.

    neat bar akcesoria do wideokonferencji
    neat pad do konferencji
    partner neat pady do konferencji

    Source: Neat

    We will help you choose the right conference system

    As network experts, we understand perfectly how important the right connection quality is. Beyond selecting the appropriate equipment, our experts will help you ensure a stable connection and, if necessary, provide advice on network security and signal quality issues.

    We are not only a technological partner of leading brands but also often work remotely ourselves and know that reliability is fundamental. Having tested dozens of solutions firsthand, we can recommend not only those that look good on paper but, most importantly, those that will meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

    Write to us. We will help you choose the best video conferencing set.

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