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  • Security solutions with configuration

    Grandmetric is a supplier of Cisco and other proven brands of security solutions. In our activities, we are guided by the idea of Zero Trust - do not trust anyone, check everything. We will help you choose the right security solutions and equip them with the optimal set of licenses. But we don't stop there. Our certified engineers will also design entire security systems and implement them without overburdening your IT department. In other words, we will secure your organization at every level.

    What do we secure?


    • Databases
    • Access to data 
    • Backups
    • Applications
    • Websites

    IT infrastructure

    • Network hardware 
    • Network access (LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi)
    • Remote and physical locations 
    • End devices


    • Access systems
    • DNS 
    • E-mail protection
    • Security education

    Among the solutions we offer you will find:

    Security solutions

    Next Generation Firewalls

    Protect the network edge from threats more effectively than earlier generation firewalls. This is because they are designed to provide context and greater visibility into the traffic flowing through the network.


    Network Access Control

    Thanks to NAC, you know who established the connection, where and when. Based on specific criteria, the tool can accept a given device or deny it access.


    Endpoint security

    Protects your organization's critical systems and data from leaks by securing devices for every eventuality. For this purpose, it uses multi-stage authorization, encryption, access control, threat detection and independent response.


    Disaster Recovery

    Trying to anticipate the unforeseen, together we will prepare your company for the worst-case scenario to avoid a disaster or make the interruption as short as possible.


    DNS Security

    DNS is another brick of the cyber wall, which includes, among others, a firewall in a data center or at the interface with the Internet, as well as anti-virus and anti-malware solutions installed on end devices.


    Milti-Factor Authentication

    The purpose of this type of authentication is to provide an additional level of security thanks to which the authenticating user proves his or her identity using various, independent factors.


    What will you gain by choosing IT solutions from Grandmetric?

    How do we advise on choosing the right security solution?

    security audit - preparation

    Determination of needs and analysis of threats

    At this stage, we will look at your infrastructure and assess whether the existing solutions will meet the technical and business challenges faced by your organization. We can also carry out PoC tests.

    Offer preparation

    Based on the solutions available on the market, we will prepare an offer tailored to your budget, needs and expected delivery time. We will also offer HLD (High Level Design) – a security concept suggested by our security engineers.

    security audit - pentesting
    security audit - report

    Logistics and delivery

    After accepting the offer, we’ll order the necessary equipment and licenses. At this stage, we will also perform initial configurations in our in-house laboratory to shorten the implementation time at your place.

    Implementation and tests

    Once your hardware arrives, we will carry out its installation and configuration. This task is handled by certified and experienced engineers who specialize in individual systems and implement equipment for our clients on a daily basis.

    security monitoring


    After strengthening IT security, we constantly monitor security events using the Security Operations Center (SOC) team, perform periodic audits and introduce optimizations. We respond to threats as soon as we detect them, and sometimes we prevent them from spreading.

    Looking to secure your infrastructure or replace your old security equipment with a new one?

    Leave your contact and our engineers will advise you during a free consultation.

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      Marcin Biały Grandmetric

      “After recognizing your situation, we will select an engineer who, during a free consultation, will advise what you can do to strengthen security in the area you are interested in.”

      Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect | Board Member at Grandmetric

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