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  • Green IT. 5 ways to save money on your IT infrastructure


    Green IT. 5 ways to save money on your IT infrastructure

    Green IT, or green solutions are primarily associated with large financial outlays. Does it really have to be that way? Can green mean cheaper? Discover ways to reduce your company’s operating costs while helping you meet the demands of green IT. Lower energy bills appeal especially to those who, in the current macroeconomic situation, are […]

    Date: 16.08.2023


    ESG explained. What is it and what does it mean for the company?

    In the dynamically developing world of business, companies pay more and more attention to social and environmental responsibility. In this context, ESG is becoming a key element of the strategy and success of an increasing number of enterprises. Establishment and basic goals of ESG Every year, social awareness of the role of business in shaping […]

    Date: 06.07.2023


    Wi-Fi 6 vs Wi-Fi 6E – what’s new in enterprise wireless? 

    The IEEE 802.11ax standard, widely known as Wi-Fi 6, has been with us since 2019. Not long after, first wireless devices have been launched by vendors on the global market. But as with every technology, time has to pass before businesses gain the option to choose from a rich portfolio of competitive devices that use […]

    Date: 15.05.2023

    Wi-Fi 6: High-Efficiency WLAN with IEEE 802.11ax [UPDATED]

    The 802.11ax brings important features, focusing on network capacity, latency and range. High data rates are still in the picture, but rather in the background. Introducing OFDMA and using MU-MIMO allows AP to schedule data for multiple users simultaneously. This way, latency can be greatly decreased. With the new colors of the channels, frequencies can be spatially reused.

    Date: 07.04.2023

    Technological End of Life – what does it mean?

    End-of-life (EoL) is a general term used when the vendor plans to cease the production of a certain product or product line. Taking into account that millions of end clients around the world might be using the product, the EoL comes with a group of milestones that all together form the End of Live of […]

    Date: 13.03.2023

    Author: Marcin Bialy

    Managing Cisco Catalyst Switches via Meraki Dashboard – Step-by-Step Guide

    Migrating to a data & service cloud is a thing that resembles a gigantic cargo rolling stock gaining momentum. Its inception is already very far behind us, and currently we’re at a point, where this monstrosity of scrap metal has accelerated so much that it’s impossible to stop. It still picks up speed, grows stronger, […]

    Date: 20.02.2023

    DNS – What Is It & What Is Its Use?

    Displaying the contents of a website on a computer’s screen is possible thanks to an appropriate network connection. The client, or a web browser, is on one side, and a server with the website’s resources is on another. In order for the connection to be successful, protocols like HTTP or HTTPS and a DNS are […]

    Date: 08.02.2023

    Author: Grandmetric

    Wi-Fi 6: Q&A

    What is Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE802.11ax)? How does it compare to Wi-Fi 5 (IEEE802.11ac)? Will older phones connect to Wi-Fi 6? The post combines the most frequently asked questions about Wi-Fi 6.

    Date: 02.06.2020

    How to adjust data to your needs in Elastic

    Elastic Stack allows to use multiple data source. On the ingest-layer you can use Logstash, any of the Beats or custom app, which feeds Elasticsearch with the data through the API. Each of them can be customized or configured to some extent. In this blog post we will present how elastic can be configured to support data in format we want.

    Date: 17.09.2019

    Handling tickets with Kibana

    There are multiple platforms that help you with handling tickets. If you are starting your business, you might simply reply to those emails directly via your mail client, but it quickly becomes too hard to follow and handle all the issues. We chose the tool, from the same vendor, we were already using for different purpose for easy integration. It was great for following threads, tagging and grouping issues, taking notes and automating responses. In this tool we had access to basic statistics like ticket count or time graph with incoming tickets, but we were interested in more advanced stats, which could give us more insight into what is going on. That’s why we decided to integrate that tool with already used by us Elastic Stack.

    Date: 22.07.2019

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