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1. Introduction to IP World

1. Introduction to IP World

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Introduction to IP World – Video: Register for Course

Introduction to IP World – Transcript:

Information Sent By Network

Images, text, voice and video … these kind of information are sent and received every day by our laptops, smartphones, TV sets or even cars! Downloading, uploading, messaging, watching Youtube or listen to itunes – this is very simple today and almost everyone uses network to send and receive data but not everyone knows how does it really work, so let’s talk about this.

When we think that there are over 20 billions of devices connected to Network, we could believe that it is not possible to organize such volume of traffic efficiently. Is it?

First – all kinds of information like images, text or videos are understood by devices as symbols. And symbol is the language of machines!

Sending Messages

Let’s imagine that Mike need to talk to Alice but she is too far away and does not hear Mike…

Fortunately, there is a Miu in between that can forward the message from Mike to Alice. But there is one thing, Miu speaks different language…

So Mike and Alice need translators to pass the message. Translator uses AABB symbols which means Hello in different language. At the other end, message is translated back from symbols AABB to „Hello” message and then send to Alice!

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