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IP and Mobile Trends and Education




Cisco ASA & ASA FirePOWER Services training agenda

Today I have privilige to announce our new Cisco ASA & ASA FirePOWER Services training agenda. In this post I will describe the agenda in detail and what you can expect from each training module. As you perhaps racall from short agenda posted on our training list, this training is a condensed meshup prepared specialy […]

Author: Marcin Bialy

Workshop: Cisco ISE & Enterprise BGP

  Technology combined training. We are announcing the Cisco ISE & Internet Edge 4 Days accelerated workshop. This is one-time training & the only one in the market. This is combined training for those who want to improve Cisco ISE troubleshooting and configuration skills as well as get familiar with BGP routing for Enterprise WAN […]

Author: Marcin Bialy

Introducing “Design & Build Enterprise Class Network” Training

We are proud to announce Network Fundamentals hands on training: “Design & Build Enterprise Network”, you can read more about this course by following the below links:

Author: Marcin Bialy