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10. Wi-Fi Fundamentals: Access and Security

10. Wi-Fi Fundamentals: Access and Security


Wi-Fi Fundamentals: Access and Security – Video: Register for Course

Selected issues:

War driving – scanning nearby networks for vulnerabilities (searching unencrypted transmission, not secured networks etc). It can be done from a device in truck and driving via specific/desired routes, or eg. By device planted in taxi or other car that is constantly moving.

Rogue Access Point is an AP owned by villan, which can be installed inside private or company network to provide a backdoor into that network. This could be planted during fake „maintance” serivce or using some „social techniques” (AP could be send to the company member as a „novel device that is shared for free for tests”)

Ad hoc association – connecting to the STA in an adhoc mode (isoloated) and installing malware allowing to control that STA when will be connected to secured network

Evil Twin AP – installing AP broadcasing the same SSID as a company SSID and hoping for some STA to connect to this particular AP. In this way villan has access to the STA and can install malware.

Frame injection allows to send artificialy created frames that might cause STA to disassociate or retransmit some data.

Data reply can be used to ask STA to resend data over and over until the encryption key collision.

STA can either as for all „public” (not hidden) SSIDs, and APs return the response or STA can ask for a specific SSID and this AP settings. This way it can get probe response from hidden SSID (it it is known to the STA).

Beacons are sent periodically and contain iformation about configuration, modes and possible settings.