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    How does a switch work?

    To explain how a switch works, let me make an introduction to the subject by explaining the background of TCP/IP stack layers, frames, and the purpose of a switch. This will help you to understand the exact operation of the switch which is the main agenda here. To allow communication between billions of computer devices, […]

    Date: 08.03.2018

    Author: Grandmetric

    What is MIMO?

    In MIMO systems, we have multiple antennas at the transmitter, multiple antennas at the receiver and a radio channel in-between. This is where inputs and outputs comes into play – i.e., we have Multiple Inputs (input signals TO the wireless channel) and Multiple Outputs (output signals FROM the wireless channel).

    Date: 07.02.2018

    How does routing table work?

    In this post we are going to focus on the following process: “destination IP field of packet is checked against information stored in router”. The place where routing information is stored is called a routing table.  Routing table contains routing entries, that is list of destinations (often called: list of network prefixes or routes).

    Date: 20.01.2018

    Author: Marcin Bialy

    How does router work?

    As you might be aware, bits are a form of language for machines and packets are series (groups) of these bits that traverse the network. The mechanism via which these packets travel across the network is organized thanks to Internet Protocol (IP is set of common rules, structures and descriptions). In general, we have: END DEVICES (like […]

    Date: 04.01.2018

    Author: Marcin Bialy