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Routing Fundamentals

Routing Fundamentals


Routing fundamentals course is an overview of IP routing techniques and routing protocols commonly used in Enterprise IP networks. This track leads you from the explanation of what routing is, description of routing table logic, to the routing protocols types, rules and configuration. You will be presented in easy way with graphical simulation the protocol descriptions, dependencies and CLI configuration. First you will learn about routing idea, static and dynamic routing types, then you will be taken through the protocols that you will meet in your network specialist career with detailed session about, RIP and RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP at the end.

Each single session will end with special questions to test your knowledge making sure that you will have best outcome. As you might need the quick and solid overview of routing before your job interview or you need to choose the right routing protocol for your project or you are preparing for industry certificate this course will help you a lot! Author of this course, Marcin Bialy is also certified Cisco Systems Instructor CCSI#35269 and has many different industry certificates.