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  • IT integrator with a software team?

    Software Development

    IT integrator with a software team?

    There are at least several reasons for an IT integrator to build in-house software development capabilities and skillset. In this article, we discuss why should an IT integrator build a software development team and how Grandmetric does just that to deliver better networking projects.

    Date: 07.09.2021

    Author: Marcin Bialy

    DDT library for Python – examples

    Automated testing without the usage of the DDT library is like a cake without the icing – a bit dry. Data-Driven Tests are the most helpful when you want to run test cases with multiple values of variables. Instead of looping through inside a test case, you can use decorators (now the cake parallel doesn’t […]

    Date: 27.07.2021

    Black-box and white-box testing – pros and cons

    In this article, I will explain what black-box and white-box testing are and what are their positive and negative aspects.

    Date: 11.03.2021

    Software testing – 3 tips for beginners

    When talking about web or mobile application development, you cannot miss the importance of software testing. One does not only deploy new functionality before testing it thoroughly. Don’t trust developers (even if they are engineers). There is ALWAYS something to fix or to improve.

    Date: 23.12.2020

    Advanced types in TypeScript

    In the last post, I told you about the benefits of using TypeScript and basic TypeScript types. Now is the time for more advanced types & tricks in TS. Let’s get started.

    Date: 16.11.2020

    How software metrics improve software development?

    A software metric is a measure of software characteristics. Software metrics are valuable for many reasons such as: In the software development process, many metrics are correlated. Software metrics are similar to the four functions of management: I’d like to describe shortly this difficult subject with one sentence: “We have to use metrics to create […]

    Date: 01.10.2020

    Author: Marcin Bielak

    Python REST frameworks performance comparison

    Modern DevOps solutions allow us to scale the applications quickly. Scaling doesn’t always mean that we are slowly gaining customers and need to add more instances or servers. Scaling up can also happen periodically as the demand for our app might be higher in the evening or during the weekends.

    Date: 10.08.2020

    Basic TypeScript types

    To make your code more predictable and readable you can set types of your variables, functions (arguments and return values), etc.In this post I will show you basic Typescript types and how to use them. What is TypeScript? TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which provides optional static typing, interfaces, and classes. Is TypeScript worth […]

    Date: 05.08.2020

    What’s new in Vue 3

    Vue 3 will be released soon with many interesting improvements. In this article, we’ll take a look at new features with code examples. Vue 3 applications are going to be around 50% smaller (10kB) than Vue 2, better structured and more maintainable. Also Virtual DOM got rewritten for better performance. Probably the most exciting feature […]

    Date: 03.08.2020

    VueJS unit testing config with examples

    In this article, I will show how to configure unit testing in a VueJS project. Then, I’ll show you a working example of how you can write tests for your own components.

    Date: 13.07.2020

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