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  • Network Protection – Basic Information

    Author: Grandmetric

    Network Protection – Basic Information

    Nowadays, cybersecurity is one of key areas of IT infrastructure operation. Whether we’re talking about small businesses, or large corporations, appropriate network protection are crucial for ensuring the organization’s continuous operation. Check out what kind of solutions can you use to protect your company’s network from hacking, malware, phishing attacks and many other kinds of […]

    Date: 08.02.2023

    Author: Grandmetric

    DNS – What Is It & What Is Its Use?

    Displaying the contents of a website on a computer’s screen is possible thanks to an appropriate network connection. The client, or a web browser, is on one side, and a server with the website’s resources is on another. In order for the connection to be successful, protocols like HTTP or HTTPS and a DNS are […]

    Date: 08.02.2023

    Author: Grandmetric

    The benefits of Nutanix hyperconvergence

    Roughly speaking, an administrator will have around 10 interfaces to use to keep the system running. It all takes time. Hence, it is convenient to manage all elements of the system from one place.

    Date: 07.02.2022

    Author: Grandmetric

    VPN as a Service from Grandmetric during COVID-19

    For the times of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Grandmetric has setup VPN as a service hub. If your company is lacking VPN SSL licenses, IPSec VPN performance, VPN appliances or simply enough knowledge, your employees can easily connect to Grandmetric VPN Hub

    Date: 15.03.2020

    Author: Grandmetric

    Grandmetric Tech Meeting #2 Enterprise Connectivity & Data Center

    25th of February took place our Grandmetric Tech Meeting #2 titled Enterprise Connectivity & Data Center. This time, after great feedback from attendees of Tech Meeting #1 where we focused on Enterprise Security aspects, we decided to present the connectivity and DC technologies behind the slogans: SD-WAN, MFA, Hyperconvergence, VXLAN and EVPN DC. We carefully selected materials and speakers to provide highest quality to the audience. Tech meetings are mostly about technologies and almost no marketing. Our speakers are experienced engineers, architects or managers to deliver knowledge in the best way and of best quality.

    Date: 28.02.2020

    Author: Grandmetric

    Grandmetric Events 2019 and what’s next in 2020?

    As for previous years, 2019 abounded with the different types of events for Grandmetric crew. This post reminds the Grandmetric events tour in 2019 chronologically. We also projected our presence and initiatives for the 2020 so we lift the curtain a bit in this post.

    Date: 05.02.2020

    Author: Grandmetric

    New Cisco SD-WAN Training in Grandmetric Bootcamps portfolio

    We are glad to announce that our new bootcamp: Cisco SD-WAN Training is fully prepared, available and ready to deliver. This 2-Day, instructor led training covers the most important topics of Cisco SD-WAN technology (former Viptela), from Software-Defined WAN theory fundamentals to hands-on excercises for the most common real world example

    Date: 27.11.2019

    Author: Grandmetric

    1st Tech Meeting Series – Enterprise Security Overview – Summary

    On 8th of October 2019 we hosted first event from the new series: Tech Meeting Series. The conference cycle is intended for IT departments, engineers and IT managers who want to follow latest technology trends, want to talk about the technology with others, share experience and look for solutions best suitable for their organizations.

    Date: 16.10.2019

    Author: Grandmetric

    Grandmetric to deliver first SD-WAN implementation in Poland

    We are very proud to announce that Grandmetric successfuly delivered the first Software-Defined production network in quarter 1 2019 for Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A. The implementation was part of network and IT operations optimization project for one of the largest sugar manufacturer in this part of Europe.

    Date: 16.05.2019

    Author: Grandmetric

    IPSec tunnel between Cisco IOS router and AWS VPC. Static VTI and crypto map with HSRP redundancy.

    Recently i was asked to advise in the following scenario: VPN tunnel between AWS VPC and Cisco IOS routers on DC prem. Nothing sophisticated but: Two ISR 4k, HSRP VPN redundancy, legacy crypto maps in production (several working vpns) and Static VTI (AWS). Two Crypto structures sourced from one HSRP. I have put the results on blog.

    Date: 25.04.2018

    Author: Grandmetric
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