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Grandmetric Tech Meeting #2 Enterprise Connectivity & Data Center

Grandmetric Tech Meeting #2 Enterprise Connectivity & Data Center



Tech Meeting #2

On the 25th of February our Grandmetric Tech Meeting #2 took place. We titled it Enterprise Connectivity & Data Center. This time, after great feedback from attendees of Tech Meeting #1 where we focused on Enterprise Security aspects, we decided to present the connectivity and DC technologies behind the slogans: SD-WAN, MFA, Hyperconvergence, VXLAN and EVPN DC. We carefully selected materials and speakers to provide highest quality to the audience. Tech meetings are mostly about technologies and almost no marketing. Our speakers are experienced engineers, architects and managers to deliver knowledge in the best way and of the best quality.


9:00-9:15 Warm Welcome, morning coffee

9:15-10:00 Cisco SD-WAN, Products & Technology (Marcin Biały, Grandmetric), 45min
10:00-10:45 Software-Defined WAN, Live Demo, 45min
10:45 -11:15 VPN Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo Security (Jan Ćwierk, Cisco / Ingram), 45min
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-12:15 Enterprise Data Center, Hyperflex, Cisco Intersight (Karol Garnitz, Grandmetric), 45min
12:15-13:00 Application of EVPN & VXLAN in Enterprise (Marcin Zimnica, Grandmetric), 45min
13:00-13:30 Q&A + Closing remarks
13:30-14:30 Lunch
from 14:45 Shooting range

Speakers and sessions

SD-WAN, products & technologies

Conference opening was on Marcin Bialy, Grandmetric Board Member and Architect who started conference with quick key note and then presented the Cisco approach for SD-WAN solution, including portfolio of products and technology behind. That was kind of joined session with the Live Demo part from SD-WAN Engineer Rafał Telbusiewicz from Cisco Systems. Rafał presented Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) process, vManage interface and security functionalities of Cisco SD-WAN like Zone Based Firewall, App control, Anti-Malware Protection and URL-filtering.

Rafał Telbusiewicz, Cisco – SD-WAN Live Demo



VPN Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo Security

Next sessions was presented by Jan Ćwierk from Ingram Micro together with Krzysztof Osmalek, Infrastructure Team Leader at Grandmetric. Jan presented functionalities and subscription approach of Duo Security, multi-factor authentication solution recently acquired by Cisco Systems. In the second part, Krzysztof did the live demo showing architecture and Duo in action based on Cisco Integrated Services Engine (ISE), Duo MFA with Push App notification and Cisco FirePOWER (FMC part).

Krzysztof Osmałek, Jan Ćwierk – Duo Security MFA, Live Demo


Enterprise Data Center, HyperFlex, Cisco Intersight

Karol Garnitz experienced data center architect from Grandmetric started the DC part of the conference. He told the story about hyperconvergence idea and presented HyperFlex components answering many questions from auditorium mostly on vSAN and HCI differences. He also presented Cisco Intersight, a product recently unveiled by Cisco Systems for virtualization management and orchestration.

Karol Garnitz, Grandmetric – Enterprise Data Center, HyperFlex, Intersight


Application of EVPN & VXLAN in Enterprise

Last but not least, Marcin Zimnica, double CCIE and CCDE expert considered VXLAN and EVPN technology in technical way. The session was one of the hardest in terms of technical deep dive. Marcin touched the idea behind VXLANs and EVPN, talked about IS-IS, BGP and OSPF protocols. He explained Data Center architecture evolution. That was great technical experience delivered directly from the rare Cisco Certified Design Expert perspective.

Marcin Zimnica, Grandmetric – Application of EVPN & VXLAN in Enterprise


Something special for our guests

After the delicious lunch, we had the surprise for our guests and we attended the shooting range training where everybody could test the shooting precision. We had a lot of fun that day! See you at the Grandmetric Tech Meeting #3 soon. If you would like to be invited, please let us know writing at


Shooting skills training, Poznan 25.02.2020



See you at Grandmetric Tech Meeting #3 !




Grandmetric is an IT Next Generation Systems integration company helping clients with their IT transformation, infrastructure automation, LAN, WiFi, SD-WAN & SDN delivery. Fast growing Grandmetric team is becoming also a referal point in Cloud migrations and DC Stack management with their Storage, OS and virtualization experience. Grandmetric provides technical insights along with technical trainings in areas of expertise. Latest projects cover also IoT subjects R&D in the area of IoT backend development, big data analysis and monitoring. Based on above experience in production systems maintenance, new division – Grandmetric Managed Services (GMS) maintaining IT infrastructure of corporates & globally present customers is available for demanding IT environments.

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