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  • Grandmetric Events 2019 and what’s next in 2020?

    Grandmetric Events 2019 and what’s next in 2020?

    Date: 05.02.2020



    This post reminds the Grandmetric events tour in 2019 chronologically. Just like in previous years, 2019 abounded with the different types of meetups, conferences and other events our Grandmetric crew actively participated in. This week we also projected our presence and initiatives for the 2020 so we lift the curtain a bit in this post.


    1. Sysops/Devops Meetup, Poznan

    In February 2019 our engineers attended the meetup where DevOps society (mostly software development professionals) share their experience related to software deployment environments, methods, tools and processes used in software production as well as operations supported by automation techniques. As Grandmetric team works effectively on Internet of Things projects with the Souly product as an example and our team members work more like a DevOps team, our senior R&D engineer, Mateusz Buczkowski gave his presentation titled “Monitoring and Management in IoT System” (read more here) to share his point of view.


    2. PLNOG 22, Warsaw

    Following up the Grandmetric presence on consecutive PLNOG conferences, PLNOG 22 in Warsaw was the next on our roadmap. We attended the most of technical sessions and took part in side discussion related to rising technologies and IT solutions like cloud, automation, software-defined networks, DevOps in networking and so forth. As during previous PLNOGs, Grandmetric was the partner of the conference.


    3. Startup Europe Proptech Awards, Brussels

    The next step on our Grandmetric events tour was Startup Europe Proptech business competition where in front of about 30-person’s in jury, Grandmetric team gave its presentation about Souly – Internet of Thing based system for energy waste control that integrates smart functions and WiFi user access.


    4. Crowncom, Poznan

    In June 2019, there was a Crowncom conference hosted in Poznan touching different aspects of radiocommunication industry, like machine learning (ML) for spectrum management, spectrum sensing and radio environment maps (REM), spectrum sharing and management, spectrum assessment and valuation, HetNet, 5G aspects, RAN slicing. The keynote was delivered by Marcin Dryjanski, who put an emphasis on the complexity of the current system’s landscape from different angles, speaking on LTE evolution and 5G scope and the way to handle this to realize the requirements and future services. Grandmetric was a partner of the Crowncom funding the “Best Paper Award” price granted to Mohamed Aref and Sudharman Jayaweera from University of New Mexico, USA.


    5. World 5G Summit, Barcelona

    Autumn 2019 was the time when Grandmetric attended World 5G Summit organized by Luxatia International. We had occasion to listen about the current 5G status from different angles including perspectives from vendors, solution providers, verticals, standardization, governments and research. During the Summit, Marcin Dryjanski from Grandmetric gave his session on the future of wireless, touching upon the complexity of LTE and 5G and the reasons behind. The summary from 5G world summit is available here.


    6. First Technology Meeting Series

    On 8th of October 2019 we hosted first Grandmetric events episode from our new series: Technology Meeting Series. The conference cycle is intended for IT departments, engineers and IT managers who want to follow the latest technology trends, want to talk about the technology with others, share experience and look for solutions suitable for their organizations. The first meeting was titled Enterprise Security Overview where Grandmetric, together with Ingram Micro and Cisco, delivered technical sessions about different security aspects in Enterprise environment. We talked about Cisco Umbrella, AMP, Firepower, Elastick stack security features and integrations between solutions. Jakub Fabis, Head of Sales at Grandmetric was talking about Cisco Capital programme available in Grandmetric offering that helps IT projects financing. Summary of the event is available here


    7. Real Estate Management Congress

    Similarly to 2018, we went into partnership with Real Estate Manager Magazine that allowed as to become the exhibitor during Real Estate Management (REM) congress where we delivered a boot with Souly IoT live demo of apps and hardware. There were many great discussions and new opportunities. We saw that almost everyone was talking about “the vision” of IoT in real estate market, however very few of them push real efforts to do something in real, in the world of hardware and software together. This is definitely opportunity and chance for Grandmetric to participate in IoT projects for large scale as a pionniers. From our observations of the market, because we act , we are the first who face real technical, law, procedural and security issues come with the IoT concepts. We can even say we are before “IoT market” that does mobile apps calling them IoT industry. Stay connected to learn more about DevOps in IoT, Coding in IoT, Security in IoT, Scale in IoT, Data in IoT, Monitoring and alerting in IoT, Software and apps in IoT.


    8. Cybersecurity conference

    Again, together with our partners, Cisco and Ingram Micro, Grandmetric delivered technical sessions related to cybersecurity for the public sector in Szczecin city. We were talking about Cisco StealthWatch, Identity Access, Firepower , Umbrella, security aspects of SD-WAN and SDA. We delivered live demo session presented full integration of Firepower, ISE and Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication. The event was somehow continuation of Grandmetric’s mission of market education. The workshop took place in November 2019.


    9. World SD-WAN Summit

    For the invitation of Luxatia International, again, we had a pleasure to give our presentation, this time during World SD-WAN Summit in Berlin. Marcin Bialy gave his speech based on real-life implementation of SD-WAN that Grandmetric successfully delivered for one of our customers. The session was titled “Changing User Experience. Customer WAN to SD-WAN transformation”. The recap of the summit is available here:


    10. 2020 – the time is now!

    This week, Marcin Bialy, Board Member of Grandmetric presented the summary of 2019 and projections for 2020 for the whole company and talked about our internal and external activities. One of the topic was a continuation of the Grandmetric presence on the market, conferences that we plan to take part in as a technology partner, visitor and exhibitor. It’s for sure, that the year 2020 will be not only continuation, but also the time of new initiatives and valuable events. The plans will be unveiled gradually, however – as for now, we’re happy to announce 2nd Technology Meeting Series titled “Enterprise Connectivity and Data Center” hosting at the end of February. We’ll deliver huge portion of knowledge to IT departments. It is going to be the largest and most remarkable Technology Meeting in Grandmetric history. Stay connected and wait for the agenda that will be provided by the end of the week!


    Grandmetric Managed Services

    In 2020, we will continue the development of Grandmetric Managed Services department in areas of the team growth, team skillset, GMS monitoring and operations integration. One of the biggest projects of GMS will be automation of large scale infrastructure to support more than 30k of managed devices. In addition, we are now ready to handle Follow-The-Sun NOC operations that will open new opportunities doing business more globally. We will be talking more about this during our tech meetups.


    Grandmetric Advanced Services

    Our business will continue to grow in the systems integration services and products delivery area. We have just updated our partnership board having Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Veeam, Redhat and Microsoft as core technology partners. All partnerships are available at the Clients & Partners section at main page. Recently, we have also enlarge the advanced services team and refreshed the company’s “certification wall” adding more expert-level and collaboration certificates. We’d love to share our achievements having cup of coffee with you – our clients!


    Meetups and content delivery

    Our roots are solid in content production, training services and knowledge sharing. We do not slow down in this area. We still love to share our knowledge, in 2020 we will be delivering tutorials, technical articles that will help many engineers around the world for free. This is our mission. The content production process will be much bigger engaging more technical writers than last year resulting in more interesting content to come. Our meetup, Network & Wireless Meetup (NWM) has gathered already 220 members and we will not neglect them. Stay connected about the dates of NWM!


    Internet of Things projects and Grandmetric in-house development

    Software production in Grandmetric became finally in-house process. We understood that to develop the world-class IoT software and hardware solutions we need our internal team. Now, we have such and it is growing. As a result, in 2020 we will go live with some new concept being MVP. We share also this part with society. The IoT, Robotics & Automation part is covered during IoT & Robotics meetup hosted by our Software Architect, Marcin Bielak, where people fascinated about the robots and IoT share their experience, knowledge and present live demos. See you on meetups!


    Marcin Bialy, Board Member of Grandmetric delivering “2019 Recap & 2020 Projections”




    Grandmetric is an IT Next Generation Systems integration company helping clients with their IT transformation, infrastructure automation, LAN, WiFi, SD-WAN & SDN delivery. Fast growing Grandmetric team is becoming also a referal point in Cloud migrations and DC Stack management with their Storage, OS and virtualization experience. Grandmetric provides technical insights along with technical trainings in areas of expertise. Latest projects cover also IoT subjects R&D in the area of IoT backend development, big data analysis and monitoring. Based on above experience in production systems maintenance, new division – Grandmetric Managed Services (GMS) maintaining IT infrastructure of corporates & globally present customers is available for demanding IT environments.

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