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  • 1st Tech Meeting Series – Enterprise Security Overview – Summary

    1st Tech Meeting Series – Enterprise Security Overview – Summary

    Date: 16.10.2019


    On 8th of October 2019 we hosted first event from the new series: Tech Meeting Series. The conference cycle is intended for IT departments, engineers and IT managers who want to follow latest technology trends, want to talk about the technology with others, share experience and look for solutions best suitable for their organizations.

    The first event from the series was focused on Enterprise Security overview. It is not easy to fit into one-day event showing whole scope related to huge security subject. However we tried to focus on most relevant topics that today’s organizations are struggling with. Here we posted about the agenda but let focus on particular sessions.

    At the beginning, the opening speech was delivered by Marcin Bialy, co-founder of Grandmetric Sp. z o.o. who presented the day agenda, Grandmetric company activities and latest established partnerships and  special quiz embedded in QR-code that enabled lucky participant to win the new edition of Design & Build Enterprise Networks course.



    Because of some logistics delays Maciej Pawelczyk decided to swap his DLP session with Marcin Dryjanski who talked about Elastic Stack in relation to enterprise security monitoring, correlations and alerting. For those interested in Elastic world – the powerful ecosystem for log storage, scripting, correlation and Elastic security incident, event and management module (Elastic SIEM), please go through our posts series like this one or just write to Marcin Dryjanski.


    Marcin Dryjański, Grandmetric – Enterprise Security in Elastic Stack



    In the meantime there were fresh fruits and aromatic catering service waiting for Us 🙂



    After short break, the next episode was led by Maciej Pawelczyk from Ingram Micro – Cisco Systems and Forcepoint distribution in Poland, our event partner. Maciej talked about Data Loss Prevention system designed by Forcepoint that helps against many DLP incidents in many different ways like users personal data leakage via email, instant messengers, web activities and so on. Maciej also presented live session how the system works in practice. If any of you would be interested in implementing DLP in your organization please let me know directly. We can organize PoC (proof of concept) project for your organisation together with Maciej.


    Maciej Pawelczyk, Ingram Micro – Forcepoint DLP


    The third session before the lunch was about Sonic Wall capture client provided by Paweł Najsarek from Ingram Micro. The endpoint protection solution that uses Machine Learning algorithms and ensures endpoints visibility by recording OS level behaviour and in the same time prevents file-based attacks, detects malicious activity and provides remediation capability. The interesting thing about capture client is its ability to rollback after machine compromise and ransomware execution (like critical data encryption). More about end-point protection, soon in Grandmetric Knowledge Base


    Pawel Najsarek, Ingram Micro – Sonic Wall Capture Client


    During lunch break there were multiple occasions to talk about enterprise security challenges and upcoming projects in organizations. After the break, Marcin Bialy from Grandmetric presented the update of Cisco Next-Generarion Firewalls, example of interesting Identity Filtering design based on Cisco ISE and Firepower integration that he implemented in one of the biggest e-commerce in central Europe, and then moved to the Attack Anatomy part. Yes that was unplanned part, but Marcin decided to share an experience of Grandmetric company from last recovery process processed for one of Grandmetric customers that was subject of targeted attack. Grandmetric Advanced Services team was asked for help in recovery, secure and find the traces of attackers activity. That part was super interesting for attendies as they confirmed it in after-event survey.


    Marcin Biały, Grandmetric – Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls Update, Attack Anatomy


    The next session was about Cisco StealthWatch and Cisco Umbrella provided by Pawel Najsarek and that was overview of network-based flow analysis mechanisms monitored by StealthWatch and endpoint-based DNS protection (DNS Sec) by Umbrella. In case you are interested how Umbrella works and how quickly we can setup PoC for your organization, again let us know.


    The last (but not least) session was about financing IT projects delivered by our Head of Sales, Jakub Fabiś. Kuba was talking about many different financial programs that help organizations quickly implement new IT services like for example security within the network and endpoints environment. One of the said programme was Cisco Capital that allows customers to buy infrastructure having lease plan with 0% of margin.

    Jakub Fabiś, Grandmetric – Cisco Capital and IT projects financing



    At the end of busy day we had Poznan Stadium trip scheduled with the assistance of professional, dedicated Guide. We saw the backstage, press room, cloakroom, vip lounge, warm-up hall and the football pitch.


    In summary, the event was successful, we received a lot of thanks, meaningful insights and they all were reflected in event online survey. We already look for the next episode from the Tech Meeting Series, this one will be announced shortly. Stay connected!






    Grandmetric is an IT Next Generation Systems integration company helping clients with their IT transformation, infrastructure automation, LAN, WiFi, SD-WAN & SDN delivery. Fast growing Grandmetric team is becoming also a referal point in Cloud migrations and DC Stack management with their Storage, OS and virtualization experience. Grandmetric provides technical insights along with technical trainings in areas of expertise. Latest projects cover also IoT subjects R&D in the area of IoT backend development, big data analysis and monitoring. Based on above experience in production systems maintenance, new division – Grandmetric Managed Services (GMS) maintaining IT infrastructure of corporates & globally present customers is available for demanding IT environments.

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