Do we need next G’s? (Presentation)

Do we need next G’s? (Presentation)

Type: Presentation
Authors: Marcin Dryjanski, Ph.D.

Slide material presented at 2nd Annual World 5G Summit in Barcelona, October 2019.


The talk touched upon the complexity of LTE and 5G and the reasons behind:

  • in LTE, the complexity comes from the fact that the seven 3GPP releases (from when LTE was originally standardized) brought a lot of new features to make the system flexible and more “dynamic” in terms of improved performance, configuration options and new services;
  • 5G in contrast, is designed to support a multitude of use cases (sometimes with contradicting requirements) from the scratch, thus is provided with many options, parameters, solutions, bands, and incorporates Long Term Evolution (which brings its own complexity) from the first release.

To cope with this complexity and diversity (and uneven spatial and temporal traffic distribution), a hybrid and modular approach is proposed. Later, the examples of applications are provided on different network layers.


  • Evolution of Mobile Wireless Systems
  • LTE Complexity
  • 5G Complexity
  • Mobile Networks Design Approaches
  • Unified and Hierarchical Framework and Examples of Use
  • Conclusions & Summary

Keywords: 3GPP evolution, 5G, Spectrum, Beyond 5G, Unified Networks, System Complexity, HetNet