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Internet-of-Things – An Excursion Through Selected IoT Technologies

Internet-of-Things – An Excursion Through Selected IoT Technologies

Type: Grandmetric GuidePaper
Author: Marcin Dryjanski, Dr. Youssouf Ould Cheikh Mouhamedou


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a concept which is more and more present in our everyday lives where the “things” communicate without human involvement. Smart homes, cities, connected water/electricity meters, connected vehicles are becoming part of the current societal landscape. As there are many IoT technologies that enable the “connectivity” within the IoT systems, some of them can be more appropriate to be used in some use cases than the others. The throughput requirements, security levels, price, power saving mechanisms and simplicity of the communication are some of the parameters that we can think of when discussing IoT applications. We will provide a detailed overview of Cellular IoT concept followed by an overview of the current technologies divided onto 3GPP-based and proprietary non-standardized solutions.


  • Executive summary
  • Cellular IoT – An Introduction
  • IoT Technologies – An Overview of LPWAN Systems
  • Narrowband-IoT – A Short Overview
  • enhanced MTC – A Short Overview
  • embedded SIM – eSIM/eUICC Technology
  • Summary
  • Glossary
  • References
  • About the authors


Keywords: IoT, mMTC, NB-IoT, eMTC, eSIM, 3GPP, LPWAN


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