5G-PPP Projects – A Trip Through the European Research Towards 5G

5G-PPP Projects – A Trip Through the European Research Towards 5G

Type: Grandmetric GuidePaper
Author: Marcin Dryjanski, Agata Buczkowska


5G system is currently being standardized within the 3GPP. However, the research on the concepts and technologies that would eventually become part of 5G started a long time ago with significantly more effort spent than the previous wireless systems. In Europe, the EU funded the research on these ideas starting in 2012 with the Seventh Framework Programme and is now continuing this effort under the umbrella of Horizon-2020. This Guidepaper provides an overview of the research projects conducted within those programmes and spanning the timeframe from 2012 to 2019. It describes 5G-PPP along with FP7, H2020 Phase-I and H2020 Phase-II Research & Innovation projects touching the key areas of those projects. It summarizes the end-to-end view on the scope of European Research and timelines of the currently running projects.


  • Executive summary
  • European Research Towards 5G: FP7, H2020 and 5G-PPP
  • FP-7 Projects: Pre-5G Items
  • H2020 Phase I Projects: Exploration
  • H2020 Phase II Projects: Detailed Research and Optimization
  • Summary
  • Glossary
  • References
  • About the authors


Keywords: 5G, 3GPP, FP-7, EU Research, H2020