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  • Meraki implementation fully supports a 16GB/s link capacity

    Meraki implementation fully supports a 16GB/s link capacity

    Consider Meraki implementation, especially if your location is difficult to connect. An efficient Internet connection is particularly important for e-commerce companies that base their entire operations on contact with the outside world, but building a stable and secure network is not always easy.

    This was the case with Smart Bit, one of our clients, whose headquarters is surrounded primarily by agricultural areas. The large distance from other buildings did not allow direct connection of optical fiber, and the range of LTE transmitters was unsufficient to ensure adequate connection quality.

    Frequent Internet interruptions or low transfer speeds hampered the company’s operations and gradually led to frustration among its employees who were unable to perform their tasks. Since the company does not have its own IT team dedicated to this type of challenge, the decision-makers decided to look for a solution outside. Due to good relationships and trust, Grandmetric was chosen for this challenge.

    We thought we were in an impossible situation. Without a stable and secure connection, we could practically function. Grandmetric engineers solved the problem in a non-standard but effective way, with Meraki implementation. And the most important thing is that they did not leave us after the project was completed. We still use their support when selecting solutions and consulting our problems.

    Marcin Bodych, Prezes Smart Bit


    • Smart Bit Sp. z o.o.
    • Polish supplier of plastic elements for B2B and B2C customers on the international market
    • e-commerce distribution channels

    Check how we help trading and distribution companies

    Services provided

    • Designing communication in difficult conditions
    • Selection of network equipment suitable for a company without its IT department
    • Meraki implementation at the client’s premises

    Results of Meraki implementation

    Of all the business benefits, in our opinion, the most important is the peace of mind that the client has gained with Meraki implementation. It consists of the following elements:

    A trunk greater than your current needs allows you to further develop your business.

    Advanced devices enable service without an IT department (remote Meraki implementation and provisioning make it possible).

    Stability and safety will ensure continuity of work and minimize potential risks.

    Process automation saves time.

    For us, it was an interesting and challenging project that allowed us to broaden our horizons and create completely new solutions that we can permanently introduce to our offer.

    Meraki implementation for impossible situations

    As a result of the on-site analysis carried out by engineers, it turned out that, taking into account the possible costs and complexity of alternative solutions, the only solution was to invest in a partial fibre-optic link and then create a radio line that would transmit the signal directly to the target point. The choice to use a Meraki implementation at the client’s premises allowed us to use the entire transmitted bandwidth.

    How did we approach the project?

    Meraki implementation process

    The high application needs of the organization required the creation of a high-bandwidth connection. With quite large transmission possibilities, the most difficult part was finding the right device that would be able to fully use them.

    Together with the client, we created a list of requirements that had to be met:

    • Support for a link capacity of 16 GB/s
    • Security
    • Easy to use, no dedicated IT team required

    Among several proposals, we chose the Meraki MS120-48P switch and the MX67-HW firewall.

    We delivered the equipment and installed it at the client’s location. Thanks to the Meraki panel, the devices and their parameters were immediately visible, which gave the customer a sense of security and control.

    During our cooperation, the client decided to use the full potential offered by the switch. After creating a stable and efficient LAN network, we started further work.

    • We installed CCTV perimeter monitoring and a Hikvision camera system in the warehouse and at the packing stations. This improved the safety of the entire facility.
    • So far, the customer has had to deal with a long complaint processing time due to manual handling. Responding to this need, we create a solution enabling intelligent data analysis based on barcode scanners. Combined with the camera system, this will allow you to record the packing process, store files and automatically tag individual packages in the recordings.

    Meraki MS120-48P switch – a device with potential

    This is an enterprise-class device that gives the customer the ability to scale their company and connect additional devices without worries. It works well with other security systems, and the cloud application and intuitive interface make it very easy to use. Additionally, it has a PoE port that allows you to connect additional devices, such as monitoring. However, great possibilities do not mean high costs. In its class, the switch is much cheaper than similar products from competing companies.

    Meraki MS120-48P

    Firewall Meraki MX67-HW

    Managed through the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, this firewall appliance offers extensive network security and traffic management capabilities. Thanks to automatic software updates, it is always ready for operation. It can effectively balance the load on the WAN link, ensuring uninterrupted network access. In the event of a failure of one of the WAN links, it immediately activates automatic switching to available links, eliminating downtime.

    The MX67-HW firewall allows you to monitor and control traffic at various levels. Provides malware protection with AMP technology with the option to integrate with Threat Grid. An intrusion protection system (IDS/IPS) is also available, and custom traffic shaping allows you to optimize network performance.

    Do you also want to have an efficient and secure network, regardless of the location of your company?

    Schedule an initial consultation with a Grandmetric engineer and learn about the options for solving your connectivity problem!

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