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  • Cisco Meraki implementation – safe WLAN in the office and warehouse

    Cisco Meraki implementation – safe WLAN in the office and warehouse

    Wireless transmission solutions, such as Cisco Meraki, must keep up with the rapidly changing needs of not only global corporations but also small and medium enterprises. IT integrators must also act efficiently to be a real support in implementation projects.

    The response time of the Grandmetric team is very short. It was important to us that they answered every question and quickly prepared an alternative solution that we implemented.

    Sławomir Drożdż, Global Wind Service Polska, IT Helpdesk Manager

    Challenges of modern organizations

    Global Wind Service, a company servicing wind turbines in Europe, asked us to design a secure wireless network that would cope with a variable number of employees in the office, as well as ensure the appropriate connection in the warehouse where turbine parts are stored. The condition set by the client was the ability to manage the infrastructure in the cloud.

    In response to the above challenges, next-generation access points, smartphones, tablets and other devices that connect via a wireless network use 802.11 ax, aka Wi-Fi 6. This standard provides faster connections and communication for more users in a larger area.


    • Global Wind Service  
    • 1500+ employees in 40 countries


    • Tech consulting
    • Site Survey
    • Grandmetric Logistics services

    Our team

    • 1 Advanced Services engineer 
    • 1 Logistics specialist 

    Cisco Meraki implementation results

    Today, our network is stable and I can track all incidents in a convenient panel. The peace of mind we have gained thanks to Meraki is priceless.

    Sławomir Drożdż, Global Wind Service Polska, IT Helpdesk Manager

    Stable wireless and wired network in the office

    Efficient wireless network in a high-bay warehouse

    Easy management of distributed infrastructure from one place

    Infrastructure monitoring starts with a single device

    The company is ready to implement a new network in further locations

    Meraki solution to the rescue

    A secure and configuration-optimized wireless and wired network keeps employees productive and protects them from cyberattacks. IT departments want to have the greatest possible control and visibility of all devices in their infrastructure, no matter where in the world those devices are located.

    After a qualitative analysis of the solutions available on the market, we offered the client an infrastructure based on Cisco Meraki. It consisted of access points, switches and an MX device that protects the edge of the network. What’s more, Meraki’s portfolio also includes access points with external antennas that ensure adequate connectivity in high-bay warehouses.

    Meraki MX Topology
    Meraki network topology in a single location

    A step-by-step project implementation

    In order to propose a specific solution, we carried out the project in several steps.

    1. Interview with an Advanced Services engineer to determine the potential traffic volume and expectations regarding the installed equipment (access points, switches and security devices).
    2. Analysis of warehouse and office plans, analysis of systems used by the client (e.g. barcode readers, label printers and other devices using 2.4GHz).
    3. Performing a Site Survey in the client’s office and warehouse.
      • Locating potential “white spots” and planning how to prevent them.
      • Locating places most exposed to Wi-Fi overload.
      • Determining the characteristics of access points for the office and warehouse.
    4. Market analysis and selection of several hardware scenarios that meet the client’s assumptions.
    5. Logistic care so that the equipment arrives efficiently and on time.
    6. Installation of equipment and post-assembly measurements to verify network parameters.

    Wondering if Cisco Meraki devices are right for your organization?

    Make an initial consultation with an Advanced Services engineer and learn about the capabilities of the latest Cisco and Cisco Meraki products!

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