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  • Phishing blocked. All it took was 24 hours and Cisco Umbrella.

    Cisco Umbrella – effective protection against phishing

    How to ensure security when the number of remote workers is growing and cloud applications are being introduced on a large scale? Along with digital challenges, the number of phishing and ransomware attacks on organizations in Poland is increasing. Last year, hackers demanded an average of PLN 1.5 million for the decryption of locked files. Fortunately, efficient and affordable protection against phishing is within your reach.

    Security challenges – how to recognize threats that cannot be seen?

    The convenience, cost savings and benefits of a direct connection to the Internet are driving a new, decentralized approach to the web. However, with change comes risks and a new set of security challenges. As criminals look for another doorway to gain access to their victims, organizations require a broader set of protections.

    The client wanted to meet these problems and decided to look for a solution that would give them protection against phishing and malware. He also wanted a convenient management panel.

    There are advanced statistical methods behind the classification of domains in the Cisco Umbrella database. Thanks to this, Umbrella is able to block DNS responses that would normally direct users to threatening domains.

    Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect, Grandmetric


    • Producer from the food industry
    • 1000 employees, 10 sites, global presence (EU)


    • Technological consulting
    • Grandmetric Advanced Services
    • Cisco Umbrella implementation

    Implementation results

    Block over 140 insecure internet connections per hour

    One place to view logs from all devices on the network

    Easy integration with SD-WAN

    Easy vulnerability classification

    Solution – Cisco Umbrella

    The answer to the new challenges of the IT department was Cisco Umbrella. Until recently, based solely on DNS Security mechanisms, today Umbrella is the basis of the Cisco SASE infrastructure.

    How can the client observe detected and blocked attempts of dangerous connections? All incidents are visible in the Cisco Umbrella management panel.

    The client has full visibility of all security incidents divided into event categories, e.g. malware, phishing, command & control or even cryptomining.

    Cisco Umbrella blocks malicious domains with DNS protection for companies

    By feeding the Umbrella engine with data from Talos, Umbrella marks individual domains according to the degree of risk and provides the client with information about both potential and real threats.

    Seamless security incident qualification with Cisco Umbrella

    The Security Activity report directly shows a list of blocked connections to domains considered dangerous. You can see at a glance which of several client locations the connection attempt was made from.

    List all security activities in one place with Cisco Umbrella report

    Umbrella also examines the security of cloud applications and marks the dangerous ones with appropriate flags. Thanks to this client, it is easier to take care of security in organizations with distributed infrastructure.

    Application security with cloud protection and Cisco Umbrella subscription

    Value from the first minute

    After analyzing the client’s situation and its infrastructure, we proposed a 14-day Cisco Umbrella trial. In the case of this solution, the greatest value is seen when it simply works.

    We started with the implementation in the basic model, i.e. DNS protection. In this way, after redirecting DNS queries to Cisco Umbrella servers, the client could read the first reports within several minutes.


    Analysis of the environment on the first day, installation of Umbrella on the second day and you can immediately see the threats from DNS. I was impressed how much valuable information can be obtained in such a short time from the implementation.

    M., Client’s IT Manager

    The solution was liked so much that the client increased the license from basic to Advanced and also decided to implement Cisco SecureX to manage the entire Cisco security infrastructure in one place.

    Do you want to quickly and effectively implement protection against phishing in your organization?

    Test Cisco Umbrella for free!

    Marcin Biały advisory architect Grandmetric

    Most customers decide to implement Cisco Umbrella without waiting for the end of testing.

    Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect, Grandmetric